1. Beginning

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Walls are shaking, now I here windows breaking, this place in out of control.

Her usually tan skin lacked colour today.
The tired bags drooping from under her eyes threatened to dull the beauty of her chocolate brown orbs. Her long brown locks of hair fell messily down to her bare midriff as she stood in her sports bra and shorts, just out of bed.

Camila decided to move away from the mirror and it's harsh reflection, directing her attention to the morning beams of Miami light pouring into her bedroom. She quickly cursed herself for staying up so late talking to the mysterious girl from her school, dragging her groggy self toward her closet to get ready for the day.

Around four weeks prior, Camila had received a random message from a girl who had started at her school the previous year. They had no common friends, or had ever really talked for that matter, they were simply just aware of each other's existence through passing.

The mystery girl had seen a song cover that Camila posted to her facebook page, and complimented it in her inbox. The simple "hey, your video was cool" inevitably sparked a conversation that carried itself well for the next month or so, as the pair realised they had an awful lot in common.

This girl, known more formerly to the world as Lauren Jauregui, was intelligent and humble, although she was one of the populars who intimidated everyone she encountered, except of course the other high school plastics, whom Camila assumed were just too stupid to comprehend the concept of intimidation.

But Lauren wasn't plastic, she was simply a desirable flower, admired largely by the student body, despite her short time at East Bailey. She was outgoing, and contemplative. A soul that had her own educated opinion on everything, and a policy to never let ignorance invade her conversations for long.

A familiar buzz shook Camila from her thoughts, grabbing her phone to find a new message from her best friend and partner in crime.

Dinah: Hurry up i'm outside, first day of the new semester, don't wanna be late Walz.

Camila: Coming, I'll be down in 2 mins.

Dinah and Camila were practically joined at the hip, Camila knew more about Dinah then anyone else in the world, just as Dinah knew more about Camila.

This Monday marked the first day of the new semester at East Bailey High, it was an unsaid rule of social survival that all must look their best on these kinds of fateful Mondays.

"Camila why do you look like shit, are you even wearing make-up?" The other girl said as Camila climbed into the car to be greeted by her best friend.

Dinah was wearing a blue denim pair of boyfriend jeans with rips and stresses at the knees, coupled with a grey fabric crop top and a cute blue varsity style jacket to cover her shoulders. Her thick Polynesian locks curled elegantly past her shoulders, as the morning light accentuated the soft caramel blonde tones.

"I was too tired to do anything, Dinah"

"Here, I have my make-up bag let me fix you" reaching into the back of the car to retrieve her purse.

"Dinah it's fine, it's all bullshit anyways." Camila interjected, already feeling fed up with the day before it had begun. She could feel an unwelcomed nap invading her senses before they had even left her own driveway

"Girl it's high school. Yes it's superficial as hell, but your dark cirlces have dark circles"

"Wow D, thanks for that self-esteem boost."


The girls pulled up into the student parking lot of the school, and gathered their things to exit the vehicle.
The large crowds of young learners, separate into their respective cliques and groups, pooled into the main school building, making Camila shiver in anxiety.

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