Chapter 2 part 1

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If you can't read the text in the pic it says: 'She's as dangerous as a snow leopard this one is. I need to be careful of her! This Miko girl!'

English - bold

Japanese - plain


Third person pov

Karasama and Irina are walking towards the school together, earlier then usual because of some work and info that they had to ask Ritsu about.

While inside the school Ritsu was trying to wake up Miko saying this about the two teachers coming.

And then there's Koro-sensei who went to the arctic because the fridge there ran out of ice.

"MIKO WAKE UP!!!!!" Ritsu shouted as she uses one of her arms to throw the futon cover of off her and another to shake her awake.

"Errrrrr.............Whattttttttttt I'm trying to sleep, MUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Leave me aloneeeeeeeeee" Miko said in a sleepy and annoyed voice thinking that what happened the day before was a dream but then opened her eyes fully when she saw everything looked like anime and she could see Ritsu.

'Holy crap it wasn't a dream!' she thought quickly grabbing her new uniform and slipping it on.

"Ritsu when I asked you to wake me up early I didn't mean this early! The sun hasn't even even half way up yet!"

"I know, I know, but Karasama-sensei and Bitch-sensei are coming! You need to hide the futon and your pajamas!" Ritsu said changing the screen to a live video of the two walking up the mountain together.

"Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! CRAPPPPPPP!!!!!!!" She yelled stuffing the futon into one of the desks but Karasama and Irina opened the door already.

"Miko?!! What are you doing here so early?" Irina said as Miko fell over one of the desks but Karasama caught her this time.

"Explain" He said getting her up.

"Not again......." She said while sighing.

>>>Time skip>>>

"Sooooo, basically me and Koro-sensei were having a furious fight for the win, it was one on one in poker and his poker face was terrible, however I picked the joker while we were playing old maid but noticed he was cheating! In the refection of the lamp he could see my cards, the dealer (Ritsu) then gave all the winnings to me, this building included and so I live here now." Miko said the worst excuse ever.

"You're broke, have nowhere to live and thought you could stay here" Karasuma said bluntly staring at her.

"Yep!" Miko said with a cheeky grin and a thumbs up "So, can I~?"

"So cuteeeee, of course you can little Miko¬!" Irina said squeezing her into an awkward hug.

"Cn uw fet thow pof ie" Miko mumbled trying to say 'Can you let go of me'

"Irina, she can't breath" Karasama said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Oh! Sorry Miko"

"It's fine, anyway I need to go look around more plus I'm getting my test paper results back today so I have to see the head master"

"Do you know where his room is?"

"Yep! Gaku took me there yesterday"

'Gaku?!!' The two adults both thought looking at each other.

"Well see ya!" She shouted at the door to the classroom leaving both the adults sightly shocked on how she got there so fast.

Miko quickly jumped from branch to branch to get down the mountain, once she reached the bottom there was a cut on her face and her jumped had lots of rips in it.

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