Chapter 4

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Third person

It was a quiet morning at the E-class building, Ritsu was charging up again while Miko was asleep on the floor.

Why the floor and not her futon, well that's simple. When asleep she quiet a strange dream, for when she woke, her first sentence was a yell.

"OH GREAT SIR JELLYBEAN, I SHANT EAT THA COTTENCANDY ENEMY FOR THE KINDOM OF THE JELLYBELLYS!!!!!" Her top half flung up with her arms held above her head, legs straight.

Though she was not alone that morning, for sitting on her lap was a white haired boy, face to face with the still sleepy rainbow.

"Oh hello Itona....." His eyes widened a bit but the glared at her, "Whoops, I'm not suppose to know your name, am I?".

His hands wrapped around her wrists pinning her to the floor, legs getting a tighter hold around her.

"Oho?" Miko simply lay there, though a blush was visible.

"You are strange, though you are stronger than me, I don't have a desire to kill you?" His voice monotone to others but Miko could hear the curiosity in his voice.

"Well, I'm not really supposed to be in this story line so....." she whispered quietly to herself.

Itona's face then leaned in closer, so that their noses were touching, "What does 'Oho' mean?"

"What does what mean?"



"Stop that"

"But why? It's fun!"

"You are......"

"Odd, I believe the word is, well crazy, nutjob, wacko, mad, off my rockers, over the bend, psycho, entirely bonkers, any and all these words would suit me really"

"How are you so calm right now?"

"What's with all the questions?"

"Don't answer my question with a question"

"Well don't ask so many questions then"

They then had a staring contest, neither of them breaking eye contact or even blinking. Still in the same position as before with Itona pinning down Miko.

Miko still in her black, grey and white pyjamas, while Itona was wearing his uniform which was styled to suit himself.

Neither of them saw or heard a man dressed in fully white clothing's open the door and walk to stand to the side off them. Wiping out a phone to quickly take a photo for black mail later.

That's when Miko felt a sudden chill of, 'Ima be blackmailing you with this later' type of feeling then realised Itona wouldn't of come here without Shiro.

"*sigh* hello Shiro" She sighed, still not breaking eye contact with Itona.

Itona seemed to sense his presence finally but refused to lose thus staring contest they have, "Is it time to leave, Shiro?"

"Yes, however you seem occupied currently?" He stood there, shock hidden under his clothes mask.

"Indeed I am, and I don't wish to lose now" he stated and stood lifting Miko by her wrists, their faces still as close.

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