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The pic is Miko Suziki later in the chapter


Third person pov

Miko Suzuki sat in her room bored as ever wait for her Mum to shout her down for dinner since that's what normally happened.

After jumping around on her bed trying to please her boredom Miko finally deiced to go down stairs to see what was taking so long and noticed a sticky note on the counter saying:

Heya sweety!
Going out with the girls for a bit!
There's a box of noodles on the side which you can just heat up for dinner!
Good Luck! Mum~!

Miko just stood there in silences and stared at the note her Mum left before shouting "GOD DAMMIT MUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and stopped over to the carrier bag on the side which had the noodles in it.

"If she keeps leaving me at home all the time with only noodles to eat then she better expect noddles for mothers day!" Miko mumbled as she put them in the microwave and headed over to the living room, plopping herself on the couch.

Miko's fathers died when she was only three and she never had any siblings so it was just her and her Mum.

"Next up we have to latest episode of Fairy tail then the latest episode of One piece after that so don't go anywhere we'll be right back!" The T.V. lady said as Miko turned the T.V. on waiting for the noodles to finish heating up.

"Fairy tail and One piece, huh? Not in the mood, next" She said skipping from one show to another, after awhile she gave up because of her little patients.

"I GIVE UP!!!!!!!-"


"Ooooo, the noodles are done!"

As she dashed over to the noodles she grabbed some chopsticks and ran upstairs to her room to read her favorite manga, Assassination classroom.

Jumping onto her chair and sitting in front of her computer screen she quickly started searching up the website she used to read it and saw that chapter 149 came out.

(Not gonna wright what happens in chapter because of spoilers)

"No way, that was just too cool! That fight was epic I loved it, can't wait for the next chapter!" Miko said while squealing and holding her lucky key ring.

Miko Suzuki is obsessed with anime and manga, but not just any anime and manga, but Assassination classroom which she's even cos-played for a few times.

After finishing the latest chapter of Assassination classroom Miko fell asleep holding her lucky Korosensei key ring charm as her once brown but was dyed rainbow hair sprawled across the floor.

Dreaming of her and her anime crush dancing together got ruined as she started to wake up.

Instead of waking up to a annoyed Mum banging a metal pan to her ear, there were unfamiliar but so familiar voices waking her up.

"She awake!"


"Hey, we shouldn't crowd around her to much!"

"Koro-sensei we think she's awake now you need to hide!"

With the words Koro-sensei Miko's eyes shot open to a room of people staring at her as she got out her chair and backed away making them all look at her.

A blue haired boy, a green haired girl and a red headed boy all stepped forward.

"N-no way!?!!"

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