Chapter 3

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Miko pov

Alright, it's a brand new day, I woke up at a good time, futons away already, I'm dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten.

Calm down, I didn't brush my teeth then eat breakfast, that'd just taste weird!!!

I can already see people (students) coming up the hill.

"Morning Miko, you're here early." Mister Ikea-man said opening the door.

"Hey ya Ikea-man, and trust me, I'm always going to be early from now on!"

"Ikea-man?" He walked to his desk, taking out his gun, checking it.

"Yeah, I'm not all that good with names so I give everyone nicknames, and yours is Ikea-man!" I sang happily, just kidding, I. Don't. Sing.

I saw him blush slightly then mumble a small thank you, it was a bit awkward until Koro-sensei came in and Ikea-man tried to shot him.

Then the rest of the students started to appear, all talking like usual, me pulling out a magazine that Gaku bought me this morning when I bumped into him at the supermarket.

When I told him I didn't have any money he just sighed and said he'd buy me one thing only, so I picked the magazine instead of food or clothes or anything that would make sense to buy when you're broke and living in an old broken down school.

He's surprisingly different than what I thought he'd be like in real life, and this life that is. Yeah I'm pretty sure I like, died in my sleep or something so I'm just accepting I'm dead or something.

I flipped the page and saw 'Sonic Ninja America Premiere' on the page, ohhhhhh yeah.

I'm so joining them, whether they like it or not!

"Koro-sensei, come 'ere a sec!" I yelled and he was next to me in an instant.

"Yes Miko?" I held to his magazine to his face and pointed at the page, "Ah 'Sonic Ninja', do you wish to see it with me?"

"FXCK YE-I mean, yeah sure hehe." I stopped my sentence half way when I saw red coming to Koro-sensei's face.

"Good, I come get you after classes have finished, and by the looks of those two," We both looked towards Karma and Nagisa "they'll be joining us."

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