Chapter Twelve.

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"Its okay, Autumn." Tooth said with a small smile. She looked back to the mural. "We had everyones here. Even yours." She said looking at Jack and I.

"My memories?" Jack and I asked our heads snapping up to look at Tooth.

She flew closer to us. "From when you were young. Before you became Jack Frost. And before you became Autumn Breeze."

"But" Jack said droping my hand. "I wasn't any one before I was Jack Frost."

"I-I had a life before all this?" I questioned myself. It....... would explain why the earliest memories I had were of myself waking up in a scorched forest, with burns all over my arms, which had now become permanent scars that are hidden by the longsleeved dark orange shirt I always wear. Somehow even with all the burned trees and dead plants and animals all around me, leaves still continued to fall. Red, gold, orange, brown. Strange those exact colors matched that of my hair. Then it happend, the moon..... Told me who I was. Autumn Breeze. Spirit of Fall.

"You don't remember?" Tooth asked. "We all remember who we were before being chosen"

"What!?" Jack demanded looking over at me. I looked down hopelessly, I couldn't remember anything. How was I supposed to help him?

Behind us North laughed "You should've seen Bunny"

Bunny turned and hit him. "Hey! I told you never to talk about that!"

"Are you saying we had lives before this?!" Jack asked excitedly "With a home, and a family?!"

Tooth looked between Jack and I "You...... Really don't remember?"

I shook my head as Jack began franticaly looking through the golden containers trying to find ours. I felt bad for him. Of course I wanted my memories back just as much as he did. But we only had a half a dozen containers there. The odds of ours being there were slim to none. "All theses year the answers were right here! If I find my memeories I'll know why I'm here! You have to show me!"

"I can't Jack..."  Tooth said miserably, her arms falling to her sides, her bubbly personality gone. "Pitch has them..."

Jack froze midair and whipped around. Hope shining clear on his face. He pointed his staff at us. "Then we have to get them back!"

Behind me Tooth gasped. I turned around quickly scythe ready, though Pitch wasn't the cause of her gasping. Her wings dropped and her colors faded. That wasn't the worst part, some of her feathers even floated to the ground. I dropped my scythe and ran to her side with the others.

As if losing her feathers was bad enough, the beautiful mural behind us began to rot. Contorting the pictures it held, the happines on the childrens faces melted away, leaving only a moldy rot behind. The golden tiles flake, falling like snow."

"The children........ We're to late." Tooth said as more of her beautiful feathers fell to the ground.

Behind me North began to swing his swords like crazy. I quickly jumped back, those blades were wicked sharp, I didn't want to lose an arm, you know, something I might need later on in my existance.

"No!" North screamed with another swing of his swords, this time he barley missed Bunny's face. The oversized rabbit hopped away, probably out of the same fear I did. "There is no such thing as too late!"

We all looked at each other, trying to come up with an idea. Jack floated back to the ground, biting his lip. I wanted to fix this so desperatly, but  every time I tried to think of something, my mind just went blank.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!" North said whipping around and pointing his sword at Bunny. Its sharp blade mere inches from his face. "Idea! We will collect the teeth!"

North pointed at Jack, Sandy, and Bunny with his swords an eager look of happiness on his face. Tooth and I looked at each other, a silent conversation of '"Is he serious? going on between us. With one final look at the giant Russian I decied he was.

What was I getting myself into?

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