Chapter Seven

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I turned to Bunny, no longer shy, "Bunny, you stay with her. I'll go get North and Jack."

He nodded and quickly tried to calm Tooth. Sandy was teying to use his dream sand to calm her, but it wasnt working. I felt a bit guilty leaving them, but I take to the sky anyway.  I soar over the yetis laughing as a frustrated one painted a whole bunch of blue robots red.

On another balcony above the workshop Jack and North stood. North wrapped something in Jack's hand and gave him a fatherly smile. I landed next to them "Guys we've got a problem. Trouble at the Tooth palace."

North's eyes widened as he pushed us back where we came from. I spotted a little wooden baby in Jack's hand. it looked like a young North and had hudge blue eyes, filled with wonder. Jack and I fly over the yetis back to where Tooth is sitting.

"Whats with the wooden baby?" I asked flying above Jack.

Jack slides it into his pocket "After. Okay, Autumn? Do you know what the problem is? Is it him?"

Him. Pitch. The only spirit crazy enough to threten, not only me and the Guardians, but the children of the world. My blood boils at the thought of him doing something to poor Tooth. "Azerath Metrion Zinthos.." I mumbled and in an instant I wasnt in the air any more, I was standing over Tooth. (A/N: Yes I realize this is the spell Raven from Teen Titans uses, but I couldnt think of anything else)

Bunny jumped in surprise at my sudden apperance "Crikey!"

Jack landed naxt to me a second later "I'll explain the wooden baby. When you explain........... That."

"No promises. Tooth are you okay?"

She looked at me her pink eyes wide and full of fear. I dont know why I was so annoyed by her earlier, she looked so innocent, exposed and vulnerable. At this point just slightly disliking her would be like kicking a puppy. "My mini fairies need me."

Sandy used a wide array of pictures so fast I couldnt keep up. Tooth and Bunny on the other hand could.  Tooth looked from Sandy to Bunny sadly. Bunny caught her eye and smiled slightly. This silent converstaion apperently ended because after, Tooth stood and flew off into the snow.

North showed up and blew past us, heading towards a door in the back of the room.  The room lead into an ice cave system. Yetis ran about scurring to get snow and scrap out of the way. A gate in the back of the cave was pulled open by two brown yetis.

"Autumn, I'm not going with them. I am not a Guardian." Jack pulled me aside. "Well, neither am I, but I'm going. Tooth looked genuinely terrified. I'm gonna help her." This surprised Jack. This whole time I've been shy and quiet. Yet now I was suddenly ready to fight along side the Guardians if necissary. Jack simply shook his head and walked ahead.

I was a bit dissapointed, but walked with him anyway. Its probably not even Pitch, just a mini fairy meltdown. Yeah Autumn, keep tellin yourself that.

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