Chapter Five

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Jack and I both go wide eyed. Jack jerked his head up looking at the moon. Jack looked at North "What?"

"Last night, Jack he chose you." Tooth said.

"Maybe" Bunny warned. Are you trying to tell me this rabbit is bitter over one little Easter? I get that its his thing, but come on! Its not like it was cancled or something.

"Then he.....Talks to you." Jack said looking back at the Guardians questioningly "You see. You can't say no. It is destiny!" North said with a smile.

Jack frowned "Then why wouldn't he tell me that himself? After three hundred years this is his answer? To spend eternity cooped up in some hide out, thinking of new ways to bribe kids? No, no thats not for me!" Jack yelled up at the moon. "No offense." he said turning towards the Guardians.

Bunny hops forward "How- how is that not offensive? You know what I think, I think we just doged a bullet. Whats this clown know about bringing joy to children anyway? I'd rather have leaf girl over here be a Guardian." I glared "Leaf girl?"

Jack turned to Bunny and laughed "Ya ever hear of a snow day? I know its no hard boiled egg, but kids like what I do" Jack said casualy.

"But none of them believe in you, do they? You're invisible, mate, like you don't even exist." Bunny said calmly.

Jack and I flinch. We both want to be believed in. We want kids to love us like they do the other Guardians. Everyone wants to be believed in, for one person to stand up for them. Especially me, I have no myths, no old stories. Jack does and he still fades into the back ground.

"Bunny thats enough!" I snapped. I swear if looks could kill this stupid rabbit would be dead.

"No, the kangaroos right." Jack said gesturing at Bunny with a smirk. I like this guy.

Bunny's eyes go wide "The- The what? What did you call me ? Im not a kangaroo mate."

"oh, all this time I thought you were. If you're not a kangaroo, then what are you?" Jack said glaring at the kangaroo.

"I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny. People believe in me." Bunny said looking right at Jack, angry beyond belief.

The silence is so awkward you can feel it in the air. Everyone shuffles on their feet, wanting to break the tension. Tooth flutters around nervously, her gaze going from Bunny to Jack.

Sandy hit North on his leg, drawing his attention. A silent conversation passes in that one glance before North nodded and turned to Jack with a grin.

"Jack, walk with me."

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