Chapter Ten

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I flew up to Tooth followed by Jack and Sandy. Tooth was sitting on the ground looking at the empty towers "Everything is gone..." she repeated as Bunny and North climbed up.

I looked at Jack, BabyTooth flew from her perch on Jack's shoulder over to Tooth. Her face lit up when she saw her "Oh, thank goodness one of you is alright"

"I have to say" a deep, familiar voice spoke from above us. "This is all very, very exciting. The big four, all in one place. I'm a little star struck."

My eyes widened as I slowly looked up. There he was, standing above us looking down. Pitch Black. Standing easily a few feet taller than me, he looked down his golden eyes dancing with sinister amusement. His thin body was drapped in a black robe, ending in a 'V' cut shape, revealing his grey skin. His black hair is spiked back, he truly is the nightmare king.

"Did you like my little show on the globe North?" Pitch teased "Got you all together, didn't I?"

Tooth's face twisted in pure anger "Pitch! You have thirty seconds to return my fairies!" she flew up to where he was standing, only to see he stepped back, melting into the shadows.

"Or what?" Pitch taunted reappearing ten feet away "You'll stick a quarter under my pillow?"

North stepped forward, both swords out and pointed at Pitch "Why are you doing this?"

Pitch looked at North "Maybe I want what you have. To be believed in! Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!"

Bunny stepped forward "Maybe thats where you belong."

Pitch appeared bellow him "Go suck an egg, rabbit"

Bunny leaned over the edge of the platform to swing at Pitch, but of course he was already gone.

"Hang on, is that Jack Frost?" Pitch laughed from where ever he was hiding "Since when are you so chummy?"

Jack looked around slowly with his staff pointed ready to blast Pitch where ever he was "We're not...."

"Oh good, a neutral party. Then I'm going to ignore you." Pitch said looking bored "But, you must be used to that."

Jack deflated, it was as if Pitch let the air out of him. Too many times today had someone made fun of Jack for not being believed in. Enough is enough.

"Enough Pitch." I said stepping forward.

Pitch's laugh sounded behind me. I turnned around and he was standing no more then two feet away from me. "Autumn Breeze. Its been a long time. Have you thought about my little offer?"

"My answer still stands." I said gripping my scythe.

Pitch smiled down at me "Oh, don't be like that. You want to be believed in just as much as I do. So I'll ask you again. Help me destroy the Guardians and we will both be believed in."

I heard the mumbling voices of the Guardians behind me.

"No, I wouldn't be believed in. I would be feared, and I don't want that. So my answer will always be the same. Never." I glared up at him.

Pitch scowled down at me. He quickly hit me across the face, sending me back a few feet. Jack caught me and helped me regain my balance. "Pitch! You shadow sneeking rat bag! Come here!" Bunny leaped forward trying to get to Pitch.

I turnned and saw Tooth take to the air. They both flew at Pitch, he simply stepped back and reappeared on the other side of the palace. Bunny stopped dead in his tracks nearly barreling into me.

Tooth didn't stop though. She whipped around and flew at him.  She's close enough to get a hit in, as she was swinging at him a nightmare horse appeared out of no where and almost hit her.  She quickly flew back.

"Whoa, hey, easy boy, easy." Pitch cooed to the horse. The nightmare trotted over to Pitch, who ran a hand down the horses spine, collecting a handful of nightmare sand. Pitch held the black sand out, the almost liquid  substance spilled over his fingers "Look familiar, Sandman? Took me a while to perfect this little trick. Turnning dreams into nightmares."

Tooth fluttered down to us and handed Bunny one of his boomerangs. Sandy looked up at Pitch with wide eyes, realising that Pitch had been stealing and corupting his work for who knows how long.

Jack had one arm drapped around my shoulder. Even though I had no idea what it meant, I was greatful for it. He was the only one keeping me sane at the moment.

"Dont be nervous." Pitch said not bothering to look at us as he stroked the horses muzzle "They smell fear you know."

"What fear?" Bunny demanded from his spot next  to Tooth. "Of you? No ones been afraid of you since the dark ages!"

Pitch smiled "Ah, the dark ages. Everyone frightened, miserable. Such happy times form me. Oh the power I wielded"

Pitch's smile turnned into a scowl "But then the Man in the Moon chose you to replace my fear with your wonder and light. Lifting their hearts and giving them hope. Meanwhiled everyone wrote me off as a bad dream 'Oh theres nothing to be afraid of.' 'theres no such thing as the Boogyman' Well thats all about to change"

As if on cue the gold and pink tiled walls began to crumble and turnned to dust. Pitch's smile returns "Oh look. Its happening already."

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