{After School, At The Hospital}

(Deanna and the boys came straight to the hospital after school and Jassie was on the hospital bed watching TV)

Deanna: Jassie? You okay?

Jas'marieé: I would be...if they had Tosh.0 in this fucking room. (they all laugh at sit down)

Roc: How's your stomach?

Jas'marieé: It's cool. But I'm starving. They said I can't eat for another 4 hours.

Ray: (eating a taco) That sucks for you. (everyone looks at him. He looks at his taco and puts it back in the bag) Sorry.

Jas'marieé: (laughing) It's aight.

Prod: Are you gonna be able to go back to school?

Jas'marieé: (shrugs) Probably in 2 days.

Prince: First it's Brittany, then it's you. (sighs)

Jas'marieé: She called me...

Prod: For real?

Jas'marieé: Yeah...she should be on her way.

Deanna: She's not sick anymore?

Jas'marieé: (shakes her head) Nope. She said she's going back tomorrow.

(Brittany walks in and she races over to hug Jassie. She pauses and takes a few steps backwards to see Deanna standing there)

Brittany: (to Deanna) What the fuck are you doing here?

Prince: Deanna is our friend now.

Brittany: Why ain't you with Angela?

Deanna: (rolls eyes) That bitch is not my friend anymore. (P.O.V.: Damn, am I gonna be asked the same fuckin' question over and over?)

Brittany: Oh...mhm. (looks at Prod then hugs him) Babe!

Prod: (kisses her on the lips) I missed you, boo. How you feeling?

Brittany: Amazing, now that you're here.

Roc: (to Jassie) I still wanna know why Angela would stoop so low and poison you.

Jas'marieé: She wants Princeton...that's why.

Prince: (grins) But I-

Roc: Still gives her no reason to target you. Not like you want him anyway.

Prince: Roc, my friend, when you assume...you make an ass of yourself.

Brittany&Prod: (mutters) Here we go...

Deanna: I'm gonna go...Before any more hell is raised. (grabs her bag)

Everyone but Brittany: Bye Dede!

Brittany: Still don't see why ya'll cool with her.

Roc: (ignores Brittany) I'm not assuming. It's pretty obvious she doesn't like you.

Prince: Dude...stop hating. She never said if she did or didn't. So shut the f-

Jas'marieé&Ray: STOP! (Prince and Roc stop and look at them)

Jas'marieé: If you guys wanna fight and shit, ya'll can leave. Tired of hearing this shit.

Brittany: Dead ass. Come on ya'll. One at a time. (Everyone except Ray leaves)

Ray: Those boys are sprung. (laughs)

Jas'marieé: Yeah, but I'm tired of hearing them fight.

Ray: We all are. But I guess they wanna prove who likes you enough.

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