Chapter 2

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Camila found herself wide awake fairly early in the morning despite not having slept much the night before thanks to her new roommate. She spent a majority of her time on the couch instead of her own bed until she was sure it was safe to go back inside. Despite the—very fleeting—excitement she felt at finally living on her own she was sure she had gotten herself into a giant mess.

Lauren was rude and inconsiderate and judging only based on the few encounters Camila has had to endure thus far, she only cared about herself and her needs. Camila didn't want to jump the gun so quickly when it came to her new roommate because she was a firm believer in giving everybody a fair chance, despite being let down countless times in the past. She was never one to judge a book by its cover.

Had that been the case, Camila might have actually liked Lauren solely for the fact that she looked harmless, incredibly beautiful, despite her permanent scowl. Camila has yet to see the girl genuinely smile but she figured it was only the first day and they hadn't exactly gotten off on the right foot—although Camila was sure she hadn't actually done anything wrong to earn landing on the green eyed girl's bad side before she even opened her mouth.

And since Lauren had proven very quickly that she was adamant on living alone, Camila felt out of place when there was no reason to be. She feared walking around the apartment or looking in any closet or cabinet or even opening the refrigerator for fear of setting off the other brunette for whatever reason. But it wasn't reason enough, Camila argued with herself, to give up and go back home. On one hand the commute would have been a nightmare. And this was just something she had to do.

Camila decided to run to the corner for coffee before getting ready for the day. She was sipping from her cup at the table near the tiny kitchen reading over her course outlines when she heard their bedroom door open and a topless Lauren emerged with an unlit cigarette dangling from her lips. She was in the process of pulling a large black Metallica t-shirt over her head. Camila choked on her coffee.

"Do you ever wear clothes?" she asked, only earning an eye roll in return. "Okay...never mind then."

"Clothes are overrated." Camila looked down at the denim shorts she was wearing along with her blue tank top. She shifted in her seat and crossed one leg over the other watching Lauren curiously across the room. "Is there a lighter on the table?"

"I thought we weren't allowed to smoke in the apartments," she told the slightly taller brunette as she tossed the lime green lighter her way. Lauren caught it and walked over to a window that led to the fire escape, opened it all the way and sat halfway out of the building.

"Rules are also overrated," she said uncaringly, bringing the lighter up to her cigarette and inhaling deeply. "Does smoke bother you?"

"Are you actually asking because it'd make a difference or so you can get a kick out of doing something that bothers me?" Lauren let out an only slightly amused laugh at Camila being so forward—and for already anticipating her intentions.

"The second one."

"I don't care."

"Good. Wouldn't have made a difference." Camila's confidence faltered slightly and she sighed as she picked her cup back up. She took the silence as a moment to study her new roommate more closely along with the rest of her home.

It was an interestingly decorated place, she had to admit. Lauren didn't strike her as the type to have any sort of hobbies or interests at first glance but that was mainly due to how standoffish she seemed to be. Her walls had old concert posters and vinyl covers here and there ranging from artists like Iggy Pop and the Stooges to Amy Winehouse to Reel Big Fish to Bob Marley. A record player sat on a small table in the corner.

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