Alright, so I know I'm harsh. But I like good material. I know it's not a professional website... But please, at least try. It doesn't have to be perfect (my story, over the rainbow, isn't) but try. Right? Right. Kay.


Ashlees alarm clok rang and she jump out of bed. "honey time 4 schol" my mom said.  

I laughed!!!  

"mommy can we go to the zoo?"  

Yea" mom said and we went. Hehehe I ditched schol and mom didn't kno it!!!!

1.) don't make excuses "I'm 11 so dont judge my story" is a bad one. A twelve year old writer, erielles, wrote the most amazing story. Don't. Make. Excuses. Edit. The. Story.

2.) Alright. Everyone loves gay people now. I'm wayyyyyy ahead of all you guys. Years ahead. They are not a new species to write about. Write if you respect them and you're talented. Don't do it at random. I get it that everyone loves players but I mean most people hated gays and then one day some loving girl thought "let's make a gay story" and all those haters decided to screw it and make one two. God.

3.) no dialogue, or too much. I can't fond that balance either. Only MishaCobain and XxSkater2Girl16xX (I think thats it) found the balance. I wish.

4.) wattpad stalkers??? Random people you don't know on your page? I have another joint account in which I say my name (sexiestbumsever is the account name,  ITs GONE.) and a random person told me she loved my name? I was flattered... But. How did she find my page? The world may never know.

5.) "Sexy girls" in stories. Lollipops. I get the analogy or whatever but licking a lollipop or an ice cream cone isn't SEXY! at least I don't think so. Maybe it's because I'm a girl. But imagine just a regular guy walking down the street. Sees a six year old licking a lollipop. Dos he get turned on? No. It doesnt matter the person or speed of if they are looking at you. It's a fucking lollipop!


Kay bye!!! Thanks for reading. Comment and vote and fan!!!! They make me HAPPY!!!! <3

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