Why I would like to slap some of the writers on wattpad!!!

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I have read some of the "stories" on this site and I am inspired to write this story coming straight from what I hear when you write your story. I haven't written any yet, but Im just getting my frustration out ( Sorry for any wrong spelling or grammar, I'm on my phone)

The day I realized that I love my best friends brother who happens to be a super- hot vampire werewolf (I also followed him to a boarding school where I pretended to be a boy but the principle forgave me so now I am a girl there)

Ding- a ling! My alarm clock rang REALLY LOUD!! I screamed in the pillow "Shut up!"  

So to lift my mood I changed it onto the radio and put on baby by Justin beiber!! I am totally a BELIBER!!! my BFF Tiff, who wears a short skirt and looks like a bimbo but she's not cuz she my Bff. "hey girl" she giggled!!  

"fo shizzle" I said, walking to my closet and pulling on my black converse and ripped jeans and black shirt. Oh wait. I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT HOW I LOOK!!! So I have this Long black Hair that falls in GORG waves to my super butt! I have big brown eyes and shiny clear skin. I am skinny but perfectly curvy!! But I am really ugly so don't let that fool you. "let's go!!" tiff screamed! We walked to her house and decided not to go to school since our parents were in bermuda but the totally love us. So we had no supervision!! Super cool parents. 

I walked in her house to see her super hot bro, Brad smiling at me. He has GORG blue eyes and a 100 pack!! He has brown hair that is just so hot!!! He smiled at me "hey hottie" he told me!! OMG HE CALLED ME HOTTIE!!! I love you I thought I heard him say but it wasn't possible. You see, he is a vampire/ werewolf/ angel/ demon/ fairy. And he couldn't fall in love with a human like me. Like he almost did when I followed him to his all boys boarding school But then the principle caught me and I was allowed to stay but I didn't Wanna seem like a stalker. You, know, when I pretended to be a boy I wasn't really stalking him, but as a girl I would be. So he kissed me (OMG) and went to his vampire/werewolf/ angel/demon/fairy meeting in his black Volvo model 133949394!!! I called him off my iPhone 4 in my purple Case and he came back and we got married!! Even though my old teacher/ lover came in and protested but the werewolf vampires kicked him out!! We had a wild honeymoon and moved to brazil where we had 300 kids!! 

End of story!  

I hope you know that this story was not my real writing... it was just a story to make fun of the odd ones.  Hope you liked it!!  Vote and comment!

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