Chapter 3- Wolf Blade

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    I smirk at the older man as I dodge a punch " getting a little rusty big brother?" He pulls out a knife and slashes it at me and I flip backwards and quickly glance to the storage building seeing the doors open and I then duck when my brother fires a bullet at means I open my Ear comm " this is Black Wolf, I have engaged the target, I also think the Iridium has bounced, the storage building is opened and there aren't any other people around anymore". I run back and land a kick on his stomach pushing him backwards and wrenching his gun out of his hands and I take a couple shots at him but he rolls away and quickly throws a knife at me nicking my in the side. I brush it off and fire at him again until the clip is empty. I toss it aside and the older agent uses my slight distraction to move right on top of me and smashes his fist in my face and he kicks me in the ribs pushing me back and pulls out another fun and fires at me catching me in the shoulder twice. I roll and pull out my own gun and fire back causing him to roll behind a corner of the building. I wait a minute until I realize I hear nothing and I curse and grip my wounded shoulder and open my comm again " this is Black Wolf, target escaped and I've sustained injuries". I hear Natasha on the link " we've acquired Loki, we are En route to your location, injury status Black Wolf". I groan in pain " nicked side, possible bruised face and ribs, two bullet wounds in left shoulder, straight through". Soon I hear the quinjet and I stand " Nat, my rifles is five buildings from my two o'clock , please pick my baby up for me sweet stuff?" Nat chuckles " alright, I'll pick your kid up". I slowly climb to the roof of a building and walk to the opened cargo ramp of the jet and I grab a medic kit and sit ignoring the asgardian cuffed in a seat. Steve walks over and helps me bandage my wounds and I notice Iron Man " fashionably late Tony?" The billionaire chuckles and retorts " practicing to be Swiss cheese soon Barton?" When I'm all wrapped up Steve makes his way over to stark.

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