Chapter Nine- New starts

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Authors Note: This is the end of Book one, Im thinking of skipping the winter soldier movie since the ideas Ive had for Feralin are more along with the Agents of SHIELD story ARC and I have many more Ideas for Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you guys want some winter soldier chapters message me and Ill make a short book with Feralin and Steve fun, and Maybe the dealings with Team Coulson, and Even dealings with the STRIKE team and agent training. Please dont be shy and message me. And I hope you enjoyed this book, The second one might start in a bit since Ive been dealing with some family things and I need to focus on being there for my parents during our tough time ,but Ill be writing in my notebook when I have the time and a Positive mood to think of ideas. Thank you for reading and keep a look out for : The Black Wolfs Pack. part two in the wolf dagger series.

                  I watch the approaching vehicles and I press my ear comm " they are arriving, once they all arrive tighten the area." I see my fellow agents nod and I walk over to the containment truck and smile at Thor and Erik " they are arriving." Thor nods and opens the trucks door to bring out Loki and I walk over to my Two favorite agents as they leave their car, nodding to Bruce as he exits the car as well. Natasha smiles " Back to work? You Bartons and your sense of duty." Clint gives her a look " hey, I'm taking my well deserved break, she's the workaholic." I roll my eyes at Clint " Nick asked me to oversee this because I'll be heading out after also. He wants me to take a few weeks off before moving to DC, I'm going to be setting up a couple new specialized teams and also overseeing the training of new agents." Clint snorts " your on babysitting duty." I glare at my brother " I'm hanging up my field agent mantle and becoming a handler, Phil had told me He wanted me for the job if anything happened to him, Both Phil and Nick trust me so I agreed. Also who wouldn't want to make the newer agents cry and rethink their lives once I'm done with them." Natasha smiles " my favorite sadist, so you and Rogers?" I blush lightly " He's a great guy, an amazing gentleman. He took me out on a walk around the park for our first date two days ago, he used his arm and jacket as a makeshift umbrella for me when it started to drizzle and I cooked us dinner at my apartment." Clint smiles " I trust him, I have never seen you smile like that for another man, I give him props for catching your heart." I blush more " too soon to say he caught my heart, definatly my eyes though." Clint pulls me into a hug and Natasha walks away to talk with Bruce. I look up at the elder Barton and he places a kiss on my forehead " he has your heart Fer, you have never been on a date since Murphy. I see the way your face brightens when the Cap looks at you and smiles, I see it in his eyes too that he's really smitten." I lean against Clints chest " Okay I like him a lot, And Nick wants him to go to DC and be on one of the teams Ill be setting up, Nat too." The taller blonde looks at me " so Ill need to remember a whole new set of numbers and adresses for you?" I nod. I then watch Stark pull up and finally The supersoldier and I pull away from my brother " Go join the group, duty calls." Clint nods and makes his way over to the others and I head over to Thor " we are ready big guy." I back up and press my Comm " we are moving foreward, lock the perimeter down." I get a few "yes ma'ams" and Nod to the blonde god and he pulls his brother out of the back of the containment truck and as they pass " Loki sends me a glare. I smirk at him, internally laughing at him in his muzzle, the one I convinced them put on him. I watch the scene as they place the Tesseract in a container and the two gods are transported away by a large shining column of light. I then watch the others bid their goodbyes, receiving some head nods also before they go their seperate ways. I smile as Clint and Nat drive off and I give a final order " good job agents, dismissed."

I notice Steve still there and I walk over to him " looking for me soldier?" He smiles " yes ma'am, I was wondering if you wanted to get some lunch, and maybe plan what we will do before we leave to DC." I look up at him " the director already spoke to you?" Steve nods " yes, and he told me what he asked you to do too, atleast I will have someone I'm comfortable with in the same city." I nod " well Natasha will be coming also, she will be part of one of the teams I'm going to be setting up, you two will be working together." The blonde walks me over to our motorcycles " I also heard youll be in charge of new agents, since I'll be new will you be training me?" I smile " That I will be Rogers. So how about we head to my place and Ill make us Lunch and Ill introduce you to the Jurassic Park films, Forest loves them." The captain nods " that sounds wonderful Feralin." I look at his bike " vintage Harley, nice." He looks at my bike and I smile " I like the newer model, better for zipping through traffic." We get on our bikes and ride out of the park. I look over at him and shout over the rumbling of the vehicles " race you." I then race off, leaving the blonde soldier to laugh at my playfulness before speeding off to catch up with me. When we get to my apartment bulding we park in the onsite garage and I shake out my hair and I look over to Steve to see him staring at me. I look at him confused " do I have something on me?" He shakes his head " no, just admiring your beauty." I blush " such a charmer." He chuckles " I wasnt before, but you switched something on within me." I smile " well since the start of this all of has have been changing, And I like it. I think Ill enjoy DC alot, especially if you'll be there with me." Steve walks closer and takes my hand " I wont leave, besides you can help me get used to this modern era. Gives me an excuse to see you even more than the training." I nod " So DC will be our new start, good bye to the reckless field agent side of me and hello to the more responsible agent Phil and Fury believe me to be.: Steve nods " Ill be saying hello to the new days that will have you and Forest in my new life, one that gives me a purpose in this new time." I laugh lightly " reall deep Brooklyn boy." Steve chuckles " I guess but I hope youll give me a chance to try that though." I nod as we head to my apartment " I think Forest and I will enjoy you being in our lives."

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