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SHIELD -Level 7
Agent Feralin "Feral" Rhiane Barton
CodeName: Black Wolf
DOB January 29 1991
Appearance- 5"7', shoulder length black hair, blue/grey eyes, 6 ear piercings ( 3 on each), 3 small light scars over right eye
Eldest brother - Charles " Barney" Barton ( location unknown
2nd eldest brother - Clinton " Clint" Francis Barton ( Level 7 SHIELD agent, Hawkeye)
Daughter- Forest Loreigh Barton DOB July 4 2008 ( father out of picture)
Nicholas J Fury - SHIELD director
Level 8 Phil Coulson - mentor, father figure
Natasha Romanoff ( Natalia Alianovna Romanoff) -black widow, best friend
Thor, Anthony " tony" Edward Stark -( acquaintances)

Jobs- Field agent, weapons designer, Training Instructor, Tracker, Handler
Skills- Martial Arts, weapons master, Sniper, weapons manufacturing, heightened senses
Weapons- Twin Long daggers, various throwing knives, standard issue hand guns, specialized sniper Rifles, specialized bombs

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