Chapter Seven- For Phil

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I stop in front of my brothers room when I see Steve walk out. He looks at me and notices a few small cuts and bruises on my face, neck, and arms. He walks closer " you alright, how's Forest?" I look up at him " she's fine, she was hidden in my room when I went to help against Loki's men. She's with the director now. How's my brother?" Steve brushes back my bangs with a finger " Natasha is with him, he's going to suit up." I blush lightly " I'm going with you guys to stop Loki, without Thor or Bruce you need more people. And I need to hurt that green wearing bastard for killing Phil." Clint leaves the room ready " glad to hear your voice sis, just wish it was less angry. Although for once I'm glad it's not towards me." Steve moves to the side and I run I to my brothers arms " Clint, I missed you." He kisses the top of my head " where's Forest, is she here, is she okay?" I nod she's with Fury on the bridge, shaken but alright." We all head to the hanger bay, and when we enter a jet a young flight crew member tries to stop us and Steve holds up his hand " son, just don't." I let out a laugh as the younger man leaves and I bump my hip with the captain's " good job Cap, but you're age is showing." The super soldier smiles and Clint and Natasha take the controls and Steve and I sit. As we fly I prep my guns and check my ammo when a large hand rests on top of mine and I look over at Steve " yes?" He smiles lightly " we will all get through this, I promise I'll watch your back so you can return to your daughter." I smile " thank you Steve, but ill be fine. I'm a skilled agent and a Barton, I should be telling you Ill be watching your back." Steve nods " how about we watch each others backs?" I nod " you got yourself a deal captain." The blonde pats my hand and we then hear Nat " Stark, we're heading northeast." We then hear Tony answer " what, did you stop for drive thru? Swing up Park, Ill lay them out for you." Steve and I stand and hold on. Nat fires at the aliens and I look at the captain teasingly " look Steve, aliens." He shoots me a look but we soon come up to Thor and Loki, but Loki shoots at us and the jet takes a hit.

As the jet goes down my fingers slip from their hold but I feel a strong arm wrap around my waist and I hold onto Steve. When we land we let go and I check my weapons once more as Clint and Nat leave the cockpit and my brother look at Steve " your lucky you were doing it to help her, usually if I see a guy touch my sister he finds himself with an arrow somewhere uncomfortable." I roll my eyes and push the older Barton out of the jet " we've talked about this Clint." The archer sighs " yeah, I'm over protective to a high limit, but pup, your my little sister. I can't help it." I smile " Clinton Francis, call me that again and Ill repaint you're archery equipment." Clint nods " yes ma'am ." I re-tune my ear comm " Black Wolf on 3." The others do the same. We run past cars and I pull out my handguns " sorry to jet, but I need to find a vantage point. Ill be better sniping the air ships while you take out the ground forces." Steve nods " be careful." Clint chuckles " the black wolf is never careful, she's spontaneous ." I smirk " And that's what makes me a threat. See ya girls soon, Nat watch over them." The red head nods and I run off down a side street until I reach Stark Tower. I shoot a couple aliens and put away my hand guns and pull out my grapple gun and I aim it halfway up the building and I shoot it. I hook the rope onto my belt and I'm launched up. I kick in a window to an empty room " sorry Jarvis, need to use the room to help save the world." As I set up my rifle and stand the Stark Program replies " its no problem Ms. Barton, Ill tell Mr. Stark it was from an alien attack." I smile " I love you Jarvis." He responds " If I was human Id be blushing miss." I lay behind my rifle and I check my scopes and I pat the S.H.I.E.L.D insignia on the side and smile when I think of the day Phil gave it to me " M24, cute little death, perfect for a cute little sniper. These shots will be for you Phil, these things wont last long against my bullets. Loki will fail, Ill help the others to make sure of that. And you were right, Steve is an amazing guy." I take aim and press my ear comm " Black Wolf in position, permission to take out hostiles?" I hear Steve reply " take out as many as you can, good luck Feralin." I smile " yes sir, good luck to you too Steve." Clint and Tony make gag noises and my brother responds " sickly cute." Nat chimes in " bet they kiss when we win." I roll my eyes " you two know I'm not above friendly fire." Tony chuckles " cute team bonding, bond more over killing aliens." I start shooting at the incoming alien ships and I smirk " hey Hawkeye, bet I can take out more than you." I can tell he smirks " you're on Black Wolf." Nat sighs " you two have watched too much Lord of the Rings." I smile and take out a two manned ship " Those movies are amazing Natasha, your words have no power here." I hear Clint chuckle " stay safe Pup." I smile " you too Feathers."

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