Chapter 1- Meeting

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     I look at the agents running around the flight deck of the helicarrier, my shoulder length black hair swaying in the ocean breeze as I shout " keep up the pace agents, two more laps before we head inside". I turn when I hear a jet land and I see my best friend walk over to it as my mentor Phil Coulson exits it with a tall, handsome blonde man. Coulson then starts to head to the carriers entrance and my gaze returns to my running agents " one lap left sweethearts, and I'll even grace you with my beauty for this one". I start running with the agents for their final lap until it's finished and we hear the call to enter the carrier. I pull my hair into a ponytail and turn to head inside only to have my arm caught by my red haired best friend. I look at her as she drags me towards Mr. Studly blonde and another man. Natasha clears her throat " Gentlemen, you may wanna step inside in a minute. It's gonna get a little hard to breathe". The carrier starts to shake as the turbines start up and Studly asks " is this a submarine?" The other man who I recognize as Dr. Bruce Banner says " really, they want me in a submerged pressurized metal container?" I giggle gaining their attention as I watch them and when the turbines begin to spin both men look over the edge and Dr. Banner chuckles sarcastically " oh no, this is much worse". I let out another amused giggle " Dr. Banner, you have some sass, we are going to get along nicely, oh and Agent Feralin Barton gentlemen, but most call me Feral". I look over to my friend " shall we escort these fine gentlemen inside Natasha?" She nods and we head inside with the men following. Studly blonde walks a bit faster to walk beside me " Steve Rogers ma'am ". I look up at him as we walk " please call me Feralin or Feral captain, only my trainees call me ma'am ". The captain nods " alright Feralin, but please call me Steve". I nod and stop " I shall be leaving you all now, places to be, agents to babysit. See ya later Nat, pleasure to meet you Dr banner and Captain". I walk swiftly down a hall to their left and head down to the lower level hanger bay out of their sight. When I reach the hanger I start calling out orders to make sure everything is secured down and accounted for. After awhile I'm called to the bridge and requested I'd come in uniform. I quickly head to my private quarters and change into my uniform, Tight black pants made of the same material as the standard SHIELD cat suits , a tight black sleeveless Kevlar shirt showing off my howling black wolf tattoo that goes from my arm to my shoulder, I then lace up my combat boots. I place all my knives into their various places , I then grab my specialized HK 417 and strap it to my back before I head up to the bridge.

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