Chapter 2- howl of the wolf

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     I enter the bridge causing a couple people to take notice of my presence and I walk up to the director " you requested me sir?" Fury turns to me " Loki was traced to Germany, you are to accompany Romanoff and Captain Rogers there but you are to try and take your brother into custody, you are the closest to his level". I nod " understood sir". The director hands me an ear piece " they are going to meet up at the jet in 10 minutes, Hanger Bravo". I nod again and make my way down to the hanger, Natasha joining me on the way. She looks at me " Fury told me, you ready to get your brother back?" I smile and nod " let's bring him home". We arrive at the jet and begin to get things ready when I see the captain approach and my blue/grey eyes take in his uniformed self " hot damn that serum was a gift to women kind, look at that ". Natasha chuckles " looking for some real estate back there Lin?" I continue checking the outside of the jet " maybe, good land is hard to find now a days Nat". The captain reaches the jet and I smile at him and notice his eyes on my suite " hello again Steve, lovely day to go out and kick bad guy butt?" The captain chuckles " we ready?" I nod and lead him inside the jet to see Nat and the pilot upfront " all set you two, ready for lift off". The jets cargo door closes and soon we are off into the sky. During the flight I check to make sure my rifle is ready and I look up to see the captains confused look " my brother is compromised, if I do manage an encounter he will probably have friends and if I can, I'd be able to subdue him faster at a distance with this but that's only a hope" . The captain nods " your brave to go up against your brother". I chuckle " it's my mission, in this situation SHIELD comes first, if our roles were switched he would chose to do this as well, I am to stop my brother and bring him back". I hear Natasha on the ear piece " alright Barton, we are close to the area, do what you do best". I stand up and smile " Black Wolf is a go". The cargo door opens and I jump down onto a roof close to the gallery where the fun is at. I leap roofs after the jet leaves and I notice Lokis men and start to pick them off with my rifle until I hear something whiz past my ear and my eyes search until they meet the grey/ blue eyes of my brother. I set my now useless rifle down and leap a couple more roof tops until I catch up with my brother and I throw a dagger at him only to have him block it. He aims another arrow at me but I dodge it and leap off the roof and begin to engage him in a fight.

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