Chapter 31

877 84 7

Welcome to Cryptobit, China

Initializing Encryption: DONE

Initializing Spoof Spamming: DONE

Verifying Encryption: DONE

Verifying Spoof Spamming: DONE

Your channel is secure. To verify, please start the conversation with the word: Flank

Your chat partner should reply with the word: Doogie

China: Flank

Germany: Doogie

China: We are going to need a larger team this time.

Germany: Are you sure we can talk here? You sure it is safe?

China: Yes, my encryption contact overseas still can't crack it and his guys are 10x better than the US government encryption guys. Trust me, if there was any chance this wasn't secure, I wouldn't be taking it.

Germany: Ok, well I have been working on it already. I have an uncle who just got out of jail that has a few connections. I think we can get a 5 person crew out of him and his friends.

China: We are going to need 10 this time. All strong. And people we can trust.

Germany: It's going to take some time.

China: We don't have time. We need to get the team up to speed and start preparing next week. Our only opportunity is in one month.

Germany: Ok, I'll see what I can do. Have you decided on a target yet?

China: I don't think we have a choice. It has to be the White House this time.

Germany: You think we can get close enough?

China: Yes, but we will need all 10 men to do it.

Germany: Is this going to be a suicide mission?

China: I don't think everyone is going to make it home in one piece.

Germany: We will need to have hazard pay for the men then.

China: That's fine. We only have one chance to do this right.

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