Chapter 48

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Shawn's call to his boss lasted only a few moments.

"What happened?" asked Brandon.

"He told me to come downstairs," said Shawn.

Brandon followed Shawn sheepishly toward the elevator. The lobby which had been so quiet just moments before was now flooded with Secret Service, FBI, CIA and local police. Khelli and the Samoan were handcuffed at the security desk being questioned.

"Shawn," said Richard with a knowing smirk. "I was furious when Debbie called me last night and told me what you had asked her to do. But when you work with someone long enough...well, you know. She persuaded me to take a chance on you, but to do so with an eagle's eye. We've been watching this whole thing play out. Seeing the two of you duking it out was about the funniest thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life, and when you went at him with that trash can..."

Shawn interrupted, "So you know where Doug and David are?"

"I thought they were upstairs with you."

"No, when we got there they were gone."

Richard started barking orders to close down roads and set up a perimeter. As chaos ensued, Brandon pulled Shawn to the side.

"Hey boss, on the way down the elevator I pulled down the tower signals for David's phone. Apparently the last time it pinged they were near the docks."

Shawn looked at Richard, who was still barking orders. For all the crap he gave, he sure seemed to be reveling the opportunity to act like a field agent again. He paused to consider for a moment what to do with the information. Then he made his choice.

"Sir, I think we've got a lead."

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