A unknown?

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- Rain's POV -

It was currently a warm day in Sydney, Australia. I had just gotten home when I turned my phone on, to see nearly 20 text notifications. I furrowed my eyebrows and clicked on the green and white app.

Unknown: hey bby

Unknown: wuu2 lovw

Unknown: i love yoi

Unknown: I like pizzs

Unknown: its sO good ;-)

Unknown: fucj

Unknown: how do I get homw

Unknown: where iz my c dizzle cash money

Unknown: Sarah where r u beb

Unknown: where is my flannel did I leave it at yotr place bbay

Unknown: I miss you

Unknown: why did you havr two lsave me

Unknown: I loved you damn ir

Unknown: I need yoyr cuddles

Unknown: I just seen a cat and thought of you again

Unknown: you mean t so mucj to me

Unknown: byw

I rolled my eyes at the crazy text messages. Probably some teenager going through a rough breakup with "Sarah". I begin to type my reply to the drunk boy.

me: this isn't Sarah wtf bye ☕️🐸

I laugh at my reply and hit send. I set my alarm for school and plug my phone in. I wash my face and pull my hair up in an ugly messy bun. I crawl into bed and slowly fall asleep.


5 in the morning my alarm goes off, waking me up. I let out an upset growl before accidentally falling sleep.

"RAIN?! ITS 6:30 WHY AREN'T YOU UP YET?" My mom screamed from my doorway. I immediately shoot up out of my bed and bolt into the bathroom.

I quickly shower and pull on some black leggings and a big Nirvana shirt. I slip on some ankleless socks and my all black vans. I brush my hair and scrunch it. I quickly do my eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, foundation and powder.

I shrug on my old all time low sweatshirt and grab my book bag. I stuff my phone charger into it, and grab my headphones and my phone. I walk downstairs and sit down to eat a bowl of cereal. I check my phone to see even more texts from the unknown number.

Unknown: oh my god I'm so sorry, I got piss drunk and I typed in the wrong number.

Unknown: who is this though? I'm Luke. :-)

Me: well Luke, I'm Rain. idk why you wanted to know but I have to Zayn bc school, so bye.

Luke: what? you have to Zayn? What does that mean??

Me: it means I have to leave. Because you know, Zayn left one direction??

Luke: oh

Luke: I'll text you later bub.

I scrunched up my face at the nickname bub. That's such a strange one. I put my bowl in the sink before yelling goodbye to my parents. I grab my skateboard and plug in my head phones and blast some Green Day.

I get a block away from school before hiding my skateboard in my normal spot, under a pile of leaves in a bush. I'm surprised it hasn't been stolen. I walk the rest of the way and wait by the gates of hell for my best friend, Val.

"Hey bitch!" Val yells in my face, snapping me out of my thoughts. I tug my ear buds out of my ears before rolling my eyes.

"What the fuck Val, that hurt." I pout as we begin to make our way into school. Val was wearing a white Bring Me The Horizon shirt, with some Jean colored shorts and black converse.

"Stop being a baby, Rain. So, what did you do within the 10 hours we weren't together?" She asked. We were basically joined at the hip the first day we met. All the way back in 2003.

"Not a lot, some Luke guy texted me calling me Sarah. Totally drunk." I said rolling my eyes as we approached my locker.

"Luke who?" Val questioned curiously. I shrug and stuff some books into my bag and slamming my locker a little too loud. Mrs. Shaww glared at me and rolled her eyes.

We walked away from my locker and into our 1st period class, biology. We got comfortable in the back corner before I plugged my phone in to charge. Then, 2 obnoxiously loud boys settled down in front of us. Val and I shared a look as if saying, "we're fucked."

"Dude, how did you already beat the new Black Ops game? It's only been out for a week!" The black haired boy said.

"Literally you Rain." Val laughed, a little too loud might I add. They 2 boys turned around, looking confused. That caused me to burst into a laughing fit as well.

Soon the boys joint in on our laughing session. So there was 4 laughing teenagers at the back of Mr. Waker's year 12 biology class.

"Oh my god I'm gonna puke." I groaned, but continued to laugh.

"Why are you going to puke?" Asked the kid with black hair.

"When she laughs too hard, she ends up puking. It's so weird." Val says, calming down.

"Fight me." I say to Val before taking a swig out of her water bottle. Only to be met with not water, but vodka.

"VALERIE WHAT THE HELL?" I scream, who the hell brings vodka to school? She starts laughing even harder.

"I must've grabbed the wrong water bottle from the fridge. I'm sorry." She said before leaving to go to the bathroom. She took the bottle with her, probably to dumb it out. Class doesn't start for another 10 minuets.

"What was that about? I'm Michael by the way." Michael informs me.

"She grabbed her mum's "water bottle"." I say, putting air quotations around water bottle. "It's actually full of alcohol." I say rolling my eyes.

"But why does her mum fill it with that? I'm Calum, by the way. And you are?" Calum says, sending me a bright smile while playing with his fringe.

"My name is Rain, pretty boring. But I don't know why Val's mum does that, it's pretty weird." I laugh.

Val walks back in the room and our lesson begins. This class is going to be great, I have a good feeling about this.

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