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I never thought just because I agreed to something as silly as a night out with them could lead me getting a curse that will probably be stuck with me for the rest of my life. Well if the curse doesn't kill me in the process that is.

And what makes me question this even more, in all of the people that went that night, it's me that gets to be the chosen one.

"Hey there, ready to face your destiny?" A voice spoke up but it was too dark for me to see. Not a single speck of light available for me, it was as if I was was blind. As if I was trapped in a world only filled with darkness.

"I would consider this as my test of death rather than destiny." I took up the last lump of courage I had and replied to the voice not caring where it was from.

And all I received was laughter. Having to lose my sense of sight, my hearing became more sensitive than ever. I could sense from their, yes the laughter was from a number of guys. Not just solely from the voice. Their voices were very sinister, maybe thinking about some wicked plan they have in store for me.

"I think she's ready, don't you guys think so too?" Another voice spoke dying out their previously demonic choir of laughter.

"We can clearly see that she is." And yet another voice spoke, making that three different voices I've heard since being in darkness.

"All that I'm ready for is to just die than face whatever you bunch have for me," I said praying hard that maybe my life would be taken now and I can move on to the next life but well, that didn't happen.

"This curse is made just for you, embrace it." A whole different voice said, more sinister than ever.

I was about to reply but I could feel myself not breathing. The last thing I heard was their laughter and a faint voice saying,

"Lovely curse for a lovely girl."

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