This is an imagine about zayn for Emma and Lucy Hope you like it :) I feel really bad that it's late but here it is and i hope you like it and i'm sorry i took my time doing this imagine :)x enjoy 


Emma p.o.v 

Today me and my friend are going around London shopping and taking pictures, were not actually from around here were from America. I have always wanted to come to England and go round all the tourist places and iv'e most definitely always wanted to go round London! The only reason i am here today is i have just turned 19 and my mum couldn't afford for me to do anything for my birthday but i knew this before my birthday and me and Lucy saved up all our money to come here, luckily my mum said yes.

As you know my name is Emma and i'm now 19 i love Ed Sheeran and i'm not so fond of that band. What's there name? Oh yer One Direction but my best friend loves them she's always going on about where they are and what they are doing. Her favourite is harry she says she likes him because he has the cutest curls ever and has amazing dimples. I don't agree at all. 

The only boy from that band that i have actually taken an interest in is Zayn he looks like a nice guy, he brought his mum a house and all. i'm just not shore if that's to show of how much money he has to spend. He's also really good looking as well.

*In London*

Me and Lucy have now just booked into the hotel in the middle of London, i have now idea how we got here there are so many cabs and people rushing around and there are pigeons everywhere and when i say everywhere i mean everywhere. It's really starting to annoy me because every-time there is a pigeon Lucy has to go shout KEVIN. 

It's now about 2 in the afternoon and me and Lucy have been unpacking all our stuff for about an hour now and were just about ready to go out in london and go do shopping and go and take pictures of everywhere.

"Are you ready to go Lucy? " i say in an inpatient tone

" Yes i'm just getting my shoes on " she yells from the other room

we are now finally ready to go. First of all we are going to go to this really cool shopping mall that has laterally EVERYTHING a girl could wish for, trust me i have done my research.

* After the mall *

we have now finished shopping in the mall and it feels like my hand is about to drop of from all the bags i am carrying. At this moment in time me and Lucy are trying to find a place to eat but we haven't had much luck due to the fact we are lost in the middle of London with no map or any idea where to go.

It's been i nice day so far but somehow i think it's going to rain due to the fact there are massive black clouds above our head. Lots of people say the British weather is horrible and always rainy so i guess we should have know it wouldn't be as hot and as sunny as it usually is is America.  

 After about 10 minutes of trying to find where we are just as i suspected it started to rain! Just our luck we can't even find where our hotel is. I walked off to go see if i can find where we are and Lucy stayed under a buss shelter with our bags to keep herself dry from the now down poor from the rain. 

Lucy p.o.v

It's raining! Just great! Emma has gone off somewhere trying to find where we are or even a place that we can eat at and she's left me here under a buss shelter with all of our bags hopefully we should know where we are sooner or later. 

" Excuse me miss are you okay? " a deep voice asked from next to me " Oh yes i'm fine thank you it's just me and my friend are a bit lost and she has gone off somewhere " i said back a bit shy to lift my head to see who the mastery man was. Well do you need some help? where are you trying to get to i'm shore me and my friends will help you get there when i can manage to see where they are?