“Rachel is he related to us?” Callie had asked her sister “no Callie, Scotty is not related” Rachel said, continuing to read through her magazine.

It’s been over an hour since you had reached your aunt’s, and you were still in your room, with the other girls as you unpacked your stuff. Ashley and Alana were doing the same things, as they tried to ignore Callie’s puppy love talk about Scotty.

“i mean come on, his eyes are so blue, and that voice of his oh my gosh it’s like heaven, i bet he’s a good singer” she jabbered “you have no idea” you whispered to yourself, Ashley laughed as she heard your slight remark. “and that brown hair of his, i would just love to run my fingers through it!” she continued as you just rolled your eyes, “(yourname) have you seen this Scotty boy?” Callie suddenly asked you “well I-” you began “don’t finish that, if you have i already call dibs, he will be mine before its time to leave” she said, cutting you off, “umm” was all you could say “don’t you guys think we’d look cute together?” Callie continued.

Placing the last articles of your clothing in the guest dresser drawers and shutting it, you grabbed your suitcase and placed it in the corner of the room. “He was totally checking me out guys, i bet he’ll be here anytime to ask for my number” “Callie will you shut up for like five minutes? please?” Rachel begged her sister “but..” Callie started “no buts just piece and quiet, please?” Rachel begged once again “fine” Callie said, pulling her phone out and going through it “does that girl ever shut up?” Ashley had whispered to you “only when someone begs her too, like right now” you said seriously. Alana, over hearing your conversation, laughed for a second, looking away from Ashley to your sister, you laughed along with her.

“i’m gonna go see Scotty for a second” Ashley whispered to you and Alana, as she soon exited the room.

Ashley’s P.O.V

Walking out of the room, and turning down the hallway, she knew she had to do this, but she wasn’t sure if it was a smart decision. But as she had neared the guys’ room, she knew it was a good idea. Knocking on the door she waited, and finally some guy, in his early twenties, much as Ashley herself, had answered the door, Leaning against the door frame he smiled at her “hello there, what can i do for you?” he asked, with a flirtatious smile “hi, umm i’m looking for my brother Scotty” she said with a smile “alright” he turned around “Scotty, bro, your sis is here” he said stepping aside. Soon enough Scotty walked over “whats up?” he asked “i need a favor from you” Ashley asked, eager smile on her face.

Your P.O.V

Laying there on your bed, you starred there up at the ceiling, trying to tune out of the rambling of Callie, who had starting obsessing over Scotty once he five minutes of silence was up.

The sound of the door opening had caught your attention, sitting up you found Ashley walking over to her bed, you gave her a questioning look, and she just smiled a semi mischievous smile.

“like i said before guys, i bet Scotty will be here any time now to ask me for my number or just to talk to me” Callie’s continuous gushing had interrupted your thought process “Callie you have said that five times now, we get it, alright?” Rachel said in an annoyed tone “i know but-” she began but before she could continue, a knock was sounded, you all looked towards the door, and standing there in the door frame was Scotty himself. “see” Callie had mouthed to you all, she then began to flip her hair flirtatiously, waiting for Scotty to approach her.

“hi, ladies, can i come in for a second?” he asked smiling at all of the girls in the room, the girls all nodded, especially Callie who looked like a bobble head while doing so. He smiled, and entered the room, and walked right over to you “(yourname) i was wondering, do you wanna go for a walk?” he asked, you smiled and nodded your head. Holding his hand out to help you off the bed, you took it and he pulled you up, then you followed him out the room, while he still held onto your hand, and waving goodbye to the other girls. Alana and Ashley waved big time to you, smile on their faces.

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