Now or never

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Angel's p.o.v
I was in my office when Buffy came in and she sat at my desk 'How am i going to do some work' i said looking at her with a smile 'Ask Wes to do it' Buffy said we a smile 'I am sorry about the thing with me and Willow yesterday' Buffy said said it wasn't her fault 'No need where is Alex' i asked 'With a friend of mine i was having this feeling last night that it's getting close' Buffy said i know what she means 'Me two' i said you don't know how much i wanted to hug and kiss her yesterday and tell her everything is going to be okay. Spike just walked in 'Hey forehead hi love' Spike said i know what he is doing 'Want to tran love' Spike said 'Sure why don't we all tran' Buffy said with a smile i love that smile it is so perfect.

Buffy's p.o.v
'Okay lets tran i groups' Wesley said 'Okay Angel and Buffy Spike and Gunn Fred and Cordelia Xander and Connor me and Wesley' Giles said we are all traning i kick Angel he falls to the ground then he knocks me to the ground then we got up and we continue to kick and punch then we used swords me and Angel make a good team. After some time we have a break we all have a drink of water Angel and Spike have some blood. My ex-husband just walked in 'David what you doing here' i asked everyone looked when i said that 'I can't get married to Phoebe' David said 'What has that to do with me' i asked 'Can we go somewhere and talk' David asked looking at me in the eye 'No if you want to say something then say it' i said 'I want you back you me and Alex can be a family again like you always wanted Buffy i promise i won't do the things i did when we were married just give me another chance i love you you and Alex mean everything to me i want you back i never stopped loving you' David said looking at me 'David i'm sorry but i don't love you like that anymore' i said 'Buffy i know you still love me' David said looking at me. 'David i only love you as the father of my child but that's it i'm sorry you need to move on from me so you can be you again and be a good father' i said 'I will leave you to it bye Buffy' David said the he left. 'You okay Buffy' Connor asked me 'Yeah i am i couldn't lie to him' i said.

Giles's p.o.v
We are all in Wesley's office 'If i am right we will have to fight the big fight in just a couple of days' i said 'So where would this fight be' Xander asked me as he sat down next to Fred no one is sitting next to Willow i know what will happen when we go back to London but it has to be done that is if we live though this. 'In the park' Wesley  said 'Okay i will send Alex home with David' Buffy said 'Buffy you go and do that and the rest of us do what we have to do' i said Buffy left the office.

Spike's p.o.v
'Is there a chance we will die because if there is i can't wait' i said i love the drama when you don't know if you are going to live or die 'Yeah there is' Willow said i want to hit her but i was hoping Buffy would do it. 'I am going to see if i can find something out' i said then i left.

Connor's p.o.v
That night me and dad are in his office 'Dad just tell Buffy you want her' i said 'Connor i don't even know if she loves me anymore' dad said 'Well i think she loves you she was talking on the phone to Faith and they were talking about you i didn't hear all of it i would have if Xander didn't came along and pull me away from the tv room' i said looking at dad 'Dad i will want to tell her before Spike makes a move on her' i said then i left dad with his thoughts.

Spike's p.o.v
I was in Buffy's room with her 'Spike i am not waching passions with you okay' Buffy told me 'Why not you used to when we were together' i said 'Yeah to make you happy i wached it but i don't like it like you used to wach the notebook with me' Buffy said she is right i hate that movie. 'Buffy' i said 'Yeah Spike' she said as she sat on her bed 'When you told me you loved me did you mean it' i asked 'Yeah i meant it why are you asking' i said looking at him 'No reason i better let you get some sleep' i said then i left the room i saw Xander looking at me 'What you looking at nerd' i said looking at him 'Buffy doesn't need you or Angel to mess with her hart again' Xander told me i just walked past him.

Angel's p.o.v
The next day i was in my office thinking about what Connor said what if he's right but i don't want to lose Buffy she has been though so much as it is she isn't the same person i left in Sunnydale so many years ago she is older and more wise and i love her if Buffy just wants to be friends then i am fine with it as long as I'm still in her life. Gunn walked in 'Hey man Wes wants us all to meet him in the office do you want to get Will' Gunn asked 'Why you scared of her' i said with a little laugh 'No but if i go and tell her i would want to kill her' Gunn said then he left i went and i knocked on Willow's door and she opens it. It looks like she's been crying 'We have a meeting in Wesley's office' i said as we walked 'Angel do you hate me like everyone else' Willow asked me 'Yeah i have done wose when i was evil' i said then we walked into the office Buffy Spike and Xander are laughing about what Spike said.

Wesley's p.o.v
'The fight is to night so if anyone wants to drop out then do it now' i said no one said anything 'Willow how is the spell coming' i asked her 'It is finished but you will only have a couple of minutes to put the position on the ox demon vampire to make me lose his power' Willow said 'Buffy Spike you both have to distract the ox demon vampire so Connor can put the position on him then Angel can kill him' Giles said 'And for the rest of us we will deal with the slaves' i said.

Fred's p.o.v
We are all standing there across from the bad guys 'Let's give it our all like we always do' Angel said 'Let's do it now or never' Cordelia said the moon is red i think i know why if it's red then it means we better win or we are finished for good.

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