Buffy you have to wake up

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Angel's p.o.v
It was been four days and Buffy still hasn't woke up Spike is acting like there is no hope Buffy is going to wake up she is strong one of the strongest person i have ever known i am at the hospital by Buffy's bed where i have been ever since it has happened. It is my fault that she is in here 'Buffy i am so sorry Buffy you can't die on me because if you die this time i don't know if i could go on without you and Alex needs you he misses you' i said to Buffy i was almost crying i grabbed Buffy's hand and i kissed it and held it.

Spike's p.o.v
I am in my room drinking alcohol there is no hope for Buffy to wake up i wish there was but there's not i should of helped her but i was to busy trying to get Buffy back i should of protected her she isn't going to wake up i know she's not i wish she was but it was been four days i grabbed a photo of me and Buffy in bed Anya took it and gave it to me as a gift i sarted to cry.

Cordelia's p.o.v
I hope Buffy does wake up but there is no change i don't know what Angel will do if Buffy doesn't wake up i have been to mean to Buffy when we were in high school i never should of been mean to her when Xander cheated on me with Willow Buffy was on my side she told me that he was not worth it and that i should move on and i did if it wasn't for Buffy i don't know what i would of done about the Xander and Willow thing Alex needs his mother me and Buffy were becoming friends.

Giles's p.o.v
I am sitting in the kitchen i should of told Buffy to stay in London but when she makes up her mind then there is no way to change it i know i know she is not going to make it but i want to be wrong Buffy is the only daughter i have she has always been like my daughter. Last time she died i did not cope this time i know i will be the same i hope Angel is right about Buffy.

Wesley's p.o.v
I am trying to do some paperwork but i can't me and Buffy did not got along when we first met but back then i was a geek i am going to find a way to save Buffy i have to if i down Angel has to know there is no way to save her.

Fred's p.o.v
Me and Buffy have only been friends for just a short while but i don't want her to die i go to find Wesley i cry into his shoulders.

Faith's p.o.v
I am at the air port waiting for Dawn Buffy is going to wake up i know she is she has to right i mean she has died before and she got brought back she is a fighter like me she will make it i know she will she has to right if that demon vampire wasn't already dead i'll kill him myself.

Xander's p.o.v
I should of let Angel take her to the hospital then she might of been okay Buffy pls wake up i am looking at the photo on my phone of me Buffy and Willow on my birthday Buffy was the only one that cared if i was okay even when i said i was she new i wasn't but she never new i had a cash on her.

Dawn's p.o.v
I walk into the hospital room where Buffy is with Faith where i see Angel holding Buffy's hand talking to her 'Hi Buffy' i said looking at Buffy 'Hi Dawn' Angel said 'Hi' i said then the doctor comes in 'We are just going to do a blood test' the doctor said he got some blood and then he left.

No one's p.o.v
Angel is holding Buffy's hand 'I will never gave up on you Buffy i love you you have to wake up so i can tell you that i love you Buffy you can't die on me okay i need you if not for me then for your son he needs you more then anyone in his world' Angel said kissing Buffy's hand Connor walks in 'Dad here got you some blood' Connor said then Angel drank it and thow it in the bed 'How is she dad' Connor asked 'The same but she is going to wake up' Angel said looking at Buffy.

Later that day Angel is holding Buffy's hand when a nurse come in 'Are you her boyfriend' she asked Angel 'No i used to be we are just friends now' Angel said looking at Buffy 'Do you think she can hear me' Angel asked her 'Yeah i do' she said as she left then something happened.

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