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Angel's p.o.v
I was sitting in my office when the phone range 'Hello' i said as i hoped it is Buffy 'Hi Angel we will be there tomorrow night' Buffy said like she was tried 'Who is coming' i asked 'Me Willow Xander Giles and Alex' Buffy said who is Alex maybe he's one of the new wachers. 'Thank Buffy' i said then i hanged up and i called everyone in my office 'Buffy said they will be here tomorrow night' i told them.

I was in my room when Connor came in 'Dad can i ask you something' Conner said as he sat on my bed 'Yeah' i said looking at him 'You and Buffy used to date right and i know you don't want to put her in danger so why are you asking her to help us' Conner said i didn't really know what to say to that so i told him the truth 'We need Buffy and her friends to help us i didn't want to ask her but we don't have a hope of killing this thing without her help' i said waiting for Conner to say something.  'Okay Dad but i am helping' Connor said i really don't want him to help but i know i need all the help i can get even the guy i hate more then anyone Spike i really do hate him but this is about what we have to do to save the world.

When i woke up i got dressed and i went into my office where everyone was Spike was sitting at my desk 'Get out of my seat' i said to Spike who is drinking some blood 'I like this seat it's more comfy then mine' Spike said i went over to him and i thow him out of my chair 'Bloddy hell forehead you just know when Buffy see's me she would want me and not you mate' Spike told me i wanted to hit him in the face. 'Maybe we should talk about the Ox demon vampire' Wesley said 'So what do we know' Connor said as he got a pen and a write pad 'That he is gross' Cordelia said she always says stuff like that 'He killed his mother when he was two and his father when he was 3' Fred said she has grown up alot 'He can kill you by taking over your body but only if you close your feelings of but he also kill you by taking your heart out or he can turn you evil and when your done with what he wants you to do he will kill you by ripping your head off' Spike said 'How do you know all of that' Gunn asked 'I have a friend' Spike said when he lit his smoke. 'Who would like to sing a song' Lorne asked and everyone looked at him even me with no way look 'Maybe next time' Cordelia said 'Does anyone know where this thing lives or what he's name is' I asked they all said no

I walked into my room and i opened one of my drawers i got a photo out it was of me and Buffy we looked so happy it was taken at the bronze we were dancing in the photo i wish i never left me and Buffy looked so happy in that photo Wesley walked into the room and quickly put the photo back in my draw 'What's up' i asked looking up at Wesley. 'To gave you your blood' Wesley said and he handed me my blood and i pit it in a cup and drank it 'What were you looking at' Wesley asked 'Just a photo' i told him then we left my room and went into Cordelia's office i sat on the table and Wesley sat next to Fred 'Where is Buffy Giles Alex Willow and Xander going to stay' Cordelia asked me 'They can stay here' I said 'Maybe we should see what they want to do' Gunn asked 'Well i can't wait to meet this Buffy chick' Connor said i know he wants to meet the girl i gave my heart to first.

Later that day i walked over to Harmony 'Mr . Angel you don't have any meetings today' Harmony told me 'Okay you may go home then' i said then she left she would use the tunnels as it is still day time i walked into my room to get some sleep but Cordy is in my room 'Did you have a vision' i asked her when i sat next to her on the bed. 'No Angel i know you still love Buffy why can't you just say it i'm over you' Cordelia said to me why does she always have to be right 'Yeah i do i love Buffy but Buffy and Spike had something me and her never had' i said 'Angel let Buffy chose but i know she will pick you she told me you were the first guy she loved she had a boyfriend before but they only went out because of the popularity' Cordelia told me then she left and i went to sleep.

That night i woke up and i walked downstairs where everyone was waiting for me 'So mate you and me going to air port' Spike said with a smile i knew what he was thinking 'We are all going' Cordelia said 'Well let's go then' Fred said then we left to the air port.

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