Buffy Angel and Spike

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Angel's p.o.v
I was in my office when i got a phone call 'Hello' i said 'Hi Angel it's Robin we need all of your help' Robin asked 'Why' i asked 'There is a nest of evil vampires and demons we are asking everyone' Robin said if that is so Buffy needs my help 'We will be there tonight' i said then i told everyone what is going on.

The next night we walked into the school where Giles Faith Xander and Robin meet us 'So where is Buffy' i asked 'She went home we can go there' Faith said then we left and we drove to Buffy and Faith's we walk in and we see Buffy playing with Alex on the floor 'Hey there Slayer' Spike said like he had a chance with her Buffy tuned around and saw us. 'Hi guys' Buffy said getting up of the floor and she picks Alex up and we walk into the kitchen Buffy puts Alex in his chair and Buffy sat down 'Do you know where they are' she asked Giles i have a feeling that something is going on. 'We stll need your help Buffy you are still the slayer' Giles said to Buffy now i am confused 'I know that i have to put Alex to bed' Buffy said she got up and picked Alex up and she walked into Alex's room. 'What is going on' i asked 'Buffy's ex is going for full custy over Alex he says that it's to dangerous for him to be here' Xander said 'That is bull shirt' Spike yelled.

Spike's p.o.v
I walk into Alex's room to find Buffy looking at Alex 'He's not going to take him away from you' i said as i put my hand on her back 'Yes he will why did i have to become the slayer for Spike i loved my life before i was the slayer' she said i wish i could turn back time and make everything okay for her.

The next day at the school we are all in Jade's office she took over from Willow she is also a which 'Where is Buffy' Xander asked 'She's dropping Alex at her uncle's he is going to drop Alex of at David's' Faith said then Buffy walked in and she sat on one of the tables 'So what do we know' Cordelia asked god i wish i could kill her why can't she be evil then i could kill her. 'Me and Buffy were hunting for vampires last night and we hired the talking about making it night all day' Xander said we all looked at him who would of thought a looser like him would know something like that.

Buffy's p.o.v
'I told my grandfather about that he said that there is this thing that the gods used to use when they wanted more time with there lovers there made night time for three months it's called the downpo' i said everyone looked at me like that is something 'What my grandfather believes in all that stuff' i said when Jade gave me a bottle of water. 'Thanks' i said as i took a sip 'I know what God you are talking about i learned about him in school' Connor said as he sat next to me on the table when he learned against the table 'I can do some research on the computer' Jade said 'We will as well' Giles Wesley Fred and Xander said the rest of us left we went into my and Faith's office i sat at my desk and Faith sat at her's. 'Buffy who is that in that photo with you' Cordelia asked 'Pike he was my best friend before i had to move to Sunnydale' i said as i took a sip of my water 'Are you both still friends' Gunn asked me 'He died' i said 'How did he die' Cordelia asked me 'He he he was shot by his father' i said with sadness in my voice i went up and walked out of the office i feel someone grab my arm i turn to look at who it was it's Angel.

Angel's p.o.v
'You okay' i asked her as we walked into one of the traning rooms 'I just miss him he was the only one who got me back then i could always talk to him about anything' she said as we sat down on the floor 'You think it's your fault don't you' i said i knew she was blaming herself i could tell 'If i stayed with dad then i could of stopped Steve from killing Zane that was he's real name' Buffy told me i hate seeing Buffy like this i pull her into a hug she should of never been the slayer i know how much she has been though i wish i could take away her pain.

Giles's p.o.v
We are all at Xander's in the living room Buffy fell asleep on Spike's shoulder Xander carries Buffy to his room and then he comes back and sits next to Jade 'Why is Alex with David when it's not his weekend' Xander asked 'It's father's day he gets Alex every father's day' Faith said i wish i could help Buffy she is like a daughter to me i don't know what to do 'We found something out about the vampires there are going to sart the war at midnight on Friday' i said 'There are going to be at the college when there sart and Buffy's grandfather was right there are going to use downpo so we are going to have to get ready' Fred said as she sat next to Wesley.

Buffy's p.o.v
I woke up in the middle of the night i looked around the room it looked like Xander's room there was a photo of Xander and Anya on the bed side table i get up and i walked out of the room i saw Xander sleeping on the sofa i walk outside to find Spike having a smoke i walk up to him 'Hey' i said the Angel walks up to us 'Did you have a good sleep' Angel asked me with his gorgeous eyes 'Yeah do you both want to go and go on vamp hunting with me' i asked there both said okay and we walked to Angel's car.

We came back from slaying some vampires we walk into the house i told them i might go and have a bath i go into the bathroom and i run the bath i take my clothes of and i get into the bath and i think about Angel and Spike.

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