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It has been five years since Sunnydale came a big hole Buffy and her friends live in London Buffy's sister lives in Europe.

Buffy's p.o.v
It was late at night i couldn't get to sleep so i got dressed and i went for a walk and maybe I'll find some vampires i can kill as i walked i went to the grave yard. I slay some vampires sometimes i think about my life in Sunnydale i sat down i wached the sunset i haven't seen a sunset like that since me and my ex-husband got married.

When i got to the school where i tran slayers with Giles Xander Willow Robin and Faith i walked in and i walked into my office which i share with Faith. I sat at my desk Faith is sitting at her desk 'Hey B is Alex at his father's' Faith asked me Alex is my one year old son he has brown hair like his dad's blue eyes like mine. 'Yeah David is dropping him of after lunch' I told her. Willow walked in 'Buffy Faith Giles wants to see all of us in his office' Willow said then we all left.

We walked into the Giles's office which he shares with the other wachers Xander was there as well 'So what is this about G-man' Xander said 'There is a new slayer here in London her mother works at a game shop her father died when she was three her mother knows nothing about vampires her uncle does and so does she' Giles said i walked over to one of the desk's and sat on the desk 'What is her name' i asked Giles 'Sally Dean she goes DownX high school she lives with her uncle and her aunt'Giles told us 'Who is going to be her washer' Faith asked 'Lucy Adams' Xander said Xander tells the watchers what slayers there get but the watchers don't tran the slayers anymore it's me Faith Giles Willow Xanadu and Robin i know Giles is a washe. But Giles has been though alot.

I drove to the car park at the shops where i am picking Alex up David just drove in i get out of my car and so does he 'Hey' David said and i said hi as well David gets Alex out of the car and past's me Alex who is talking baby talk i put him in my car. 'I have something to tell you' David told me i looked confused 'Okay what is it' i asked him Leeming against my car. 'Me and Sophie are getting married and we will be movies houses' David told me 'When' i asked 'Next week i will send you an email of the place that I'm moving into i wish things would of worked out with us' David said looking at me what the hell 'David you can't say things like that you are getting married you can't still have feelings for me' i said looking at him with a look like you gotta be kidding me. 'I do but i also love Sophie' David said 'I only love you as the father of my child but that's it' i told him he looked sad 'I have to get to work bye Alex' David said he got into his car and drove of i got into mine and i drove off as well but the way to the coffee shop.

I got Alex out of the car seat and i put him in the pram and then i pushed the pram as i walked over to the coffee shop where i was meeting Willow i sat across from her 'Hey hi Alex' Willow said as she took a sip of her tea Alex is playing with his cars 'Hey' i said with a smile 'Buffy i wanted to ask if i could get my own office' Willow asked 'Will as mush as i would love to but we can't do that it is set up this way so that it works fine Waches with Wachers witches with witches slayers with slayers trainers with trainers and so on' i said Willow did not look happy. 'We are best friends can't you just do it for me' Willow said looking at me 'I can't Will i'm sorry' i said as i picked Alex's car up and grave it to him 'You cam always ask Faith' i told her 'I already did' Willow told me then she left 'What do you think that is about Alex' i said looking at Alex 'Mum' Alex said playing with his cars i got up and me and Alex go into the coffee shop.

Later that day me and Faith are in our office so is Alex who is playing on the floor with his toys 'Did Willow talk to you about getting her own office' i asked 'Yeah i told her no and that she should get over not having her own office no one has there only office' Faith said 'Yeah i know not even Xander has his own office' i said while i checked the time i picked Alex up and i put him in his playpen that i use as a bed when we are at the school i read him a Scobey Doo book that my dad used to read to me when i was a kid.

Me and Faith are traning the slayers when Robin walks in 'Sorry to interrupt but Buffy phone in the main office' Robin said 'Okay can you help Faith' i asked and he nodded his head then i left the room. I walked into the main office Anya was doing some paperwork i sat down at the table 'Hello' i said happily 'Hi Buffy' Angel said well i think it was Angel 'Angel' i asked 'Buffy i need your help i wouldn't ask if it was not important' Angel said he sounded like he really needs my help and Angel hates asking me for help he hates putting me in danger. 'Okay i have to sort things out here i will give you a call when i have things sorted' i said 'Okay Buffy thanks' Angel said 'Okay i have to go bye' i said then i hanged up the phone.

That night in Xander's office 'So who is going' Andrew asked 'Me Xander Giles and Willow i am also going to take Alex with me David doesn't want Alex at his weeding' i told them 'B be careful' Faith said looking at me 'Always am we should probably pack and i have to call Angel' i said then we all left to our houses except Willow she sleeps at the school with Kennedy.

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