Spike and Buffy

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A week later in London

Buffy's p.o.v
I am in my office thinking about what me and Spike had Alex is at his father's for the weekend Faith walked over to me 'You okay B' she asked me 'Yeah kinda i'm just trying to find out who i love more' i said Faith knew who two vampires i was talking about ' We have to go to the main office for Willow' Faith said we left the room.

No one's p.o.v
Buffy Xander Giles Faith and Robin are seating in the chairs then Willow walks in 'We are going to vote on it now' Robin said 'Can i say something first' Willow said they all nodded 'I am sorry for what i did to Alex and i promise i will not do that again' Willow said hoping there will let her stay. 'Buffy do you want to go first' Giles asked me 'Yeah Willow you have been my friends since Sunnydale i ever would of thought you would do this so it's a no' Buffy said 'I have never liked so it's a no' Faith said 'Sorry Will it's a no' Xander said looking at Willow. 'I think you need a chance so it's a yes' Robin said looking at Willow and Willow smiled 'Sorry but no' Giles said Willow got all of her stuff said goodbye to Kennedy and left the school for good.

In la

Spike's p.o.v
I am in my room thinking about the last thing Buffy said to me he said Spike you are William the Bloddy don't let anyone tell you that you are not good enough to be a hero. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me i hope she will pick me and not Angel i know she still loves him but i can make her life full of laughs.

In London

Buffy's p.o.v
Me and Xander are sitting in his office talking about stuff 'You know Spike would of made us be happy by now even though in the wrong way' Xander said i got up and i got a glass of water 'I'm go to go home i'm tried can you take over my class today' i asked 'Yeah go home' Xander said i got into my car and i drove home when i got home i went into my room i opened my draw i looked at photos of me and Spike but some part of me is saying listen to your hart i don't even know what my hart is saying now. I haven't listened to my hart in so long as in who i love more then anything i love my friends and my family but ever since me and David broke up i don't really know i got into bed.

Buffy's dream
Buffy is standing in the water and she walks more into the water and she sees someone standing there in fort of her but Buffy can not see his face.

Buffy's p.o.v
I woke up maybe the guy in my dream is the one i am meant to be wrong or maybe it's just a weird deam i walk over to my window and it is dark i hear the fort door open so i walk into the living room. 'Hey B' Faith said as she sat on the sofa. I told Faith about my dream 'Maybe your right he might be the guy you want to be with' Faith said.

That night i got out of bed i had the same dream i thought i might call Cordelia so i phoned her 'Hi Cordelia did i wake you' i said 'No i was just waching tv you could of told me that Spike only likes to wach passions' Cordelia said i had a little laugh. 'Sorry i forget' i said 'So what's up' she asked 'Can't sleep' i said as i layed on my bed 'So i hear that you and Kevin are getting close' i said 'Yeah do you think i should ask him out' Cordelia asked me 'Yeah' i said.

The next day me and Faith walked into the school Faith had to tran some slayers as for me i went to my office i knocked something over and it was a cup that Spike used when he had the chip in his head before he got a soul the phone was ringing so i answered it 'Hello' i said 'Buffy it's Spike i just called to see if you need any help with vampires or demons' he said omg that is so lame 'Everything is fine there is no big bad' i said then Kennedy came in 'Spike i got to go bye' i said then i hanged up the phone. 'You okay' i asked 'Yeah i just don't want to be here i want to leave' Kennedy said 'Well you will have to talk to Giles about that it is up to him' i said then she left and i thow the broken cup into the bin. Is Spike the one i should be with if he is then i should tell him but if he's not then i shouldn't.

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