Chapter 17 - Fire Burns

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Chapter 17

Fire Burns

"Lon? Lonny..."


"You need to breathe."

"I am breathing how else would I-"

"No..." Jackson said as he caught up to me. "You need to stop and breathe. You're heading out on a whim and you know it."

I stopped walking and turned. We'd been walking for what I assume would have been half a day. But the day hasn't changed. There was no sun to point out what time it was. Our watches barely even worked so keeping track of time was impossible here. 

All of us were dressed in the casual attire the angels wore here. White. Some were void of clothing, mainly the new Pure's. 

Everyone was lagging behind. Bonnie and Kimberly were chatting away but their steps faltered. Cameron was no where to be seen. 

"I just want to get there."

"And we will. Very, very soon it seems. We're not far from Citadel, it's over this hill."

"We're walking through." I said as I started walking again but Jackson grabbed my arm to stop me. 

"Have you lost your damn mind?" He drawled. "We can't walk through there. You will be discovered as soon as you walk through the gates. No matter what you do Lon or Alexis or whatever the hell you want to be called now, you will be a walking ball of light and everyone and anyone will know who you are. You are The Power's- are you listening to me?"

"Of course I am." I grumbled.

"Then hear me now," He cupped my cheeks and wiped his thumb under my eye. Was I crying? "We can't go through Citadel, Lon."

"But I..."

"It won't be safe for you."


"What help would we be to Gabriel if you're caught?" Bonnie and Kimberly finally caught up but remained behind Jackson. "Why do you want to go through?"

"It'll be quicker and... I want to see something."

He dropped his hands and sighed. "It'll be such a risk."

"I can go in alone."

"We wouldn't let you go alone," Bonnie spoke. "We will come with you. But-"

"We'll enter after or before you." Kim finished. "Is that okay?"

I nodded after a deliberating moment and smiled half heartedly. "Go ahead, I'll just sit here for a minute. My wings are dying to come out."

"You're going to release your wings? They're black Lon." 

"Just for a second, I'll be fine. Go." 

As they passed, I sat on the ground away from the path and slowly released my wings. I felt like a sitting duck with my wings out. But it felt so much better. 

I stood and stretched them out, revelling in the way they felt in this realm. On earth, my wings felt heavier almost a burden. In the world before, everything felt one hundred times heavier, the air harder to breathe, the atmosphere completely swollen. 

But here... It was perfect. We belonged here, angels belonged here.

"My thoughts exactly."

I jumped around and grinned at the man standing only a few feet from me. "Cassiel."

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