That Stupid Little L-Word:

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Love is a strange word. 

It’s there.

The word itself technically exists. It has a definition and everything in Webster’s Dictionary. There are so many ways to interpret it too. And you hear it all the time. The word is thrown around carelessly, like ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’.

 It used to mean so much. It was sacred; it was undefined.

 It was magic.

 But then we gave it a ‘proper’ definition. We singled out who could love, who could not; what was considered love and what was not. We defined the word and it lost its magic. It became just another word.

 And it makes me wonder if it actually exists-the feeling, that is.

 And if so, how are you supposed to express it now? Those three simple words aren’t as magical as they used to be; they hold little meaning. So are we supposed to come up with a new word? Or a new phrase that holds all the relationship-magic?

 If that’s the case, I’d love to nominate the word cereal.

 Cereal is beautiful.

 I cereal you.

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