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She was running back to her home in Mirkwood, laughing, being chased by her friend, Torrelon, who she had been spending the day with. The day had been quite eventful, for they both had been killing orcs, pranking each other, and simply throwing rocks and leaves at each other. Stopping outside what you knew as "Bossy Breeches Home" (meaning Thranduils palace) they both stopped to take their breathes. "" she said breathing heavily. "46" Torrelon said already caught his breath laughing. She looked over his shoulder to see a familiar face -of which she was friends with- she smiled to see it was the second friend she grew up with (the first being Torrelon). "Legolas!" She said waving like mad. He came over and hugged her, making Torrelon a bit jealous, "where have you been?" Legolas said looking sternly at them both. "Father was worried." "Calm down. What does ol' Bossy Breeches want?" She said slapping him and Torrelon and the back playfully. "He told me he wanted to speak with you both." Legolas said leading them inside. They walked in stopping by the entrance to the throne room. "Just..don't mortals say...'Smart-mouth' him. Alright?" Torrelon and her nodded and walked into the throne room and paused in front of the kings throne. "You wanted to speak with us, sir?" She said not being able to hide a small giggle. "Think its we?!" Thranduil said almost yelling. "We haven't the slightest idea of what you are speaking of sir." Torrelon said bowing. "Have I not told you to not be in that wood? I don't recall a request for you two to be hunting orcs." Thranduil said glaring at them."My king, please.... it wasn't Torrelon's fault. It was mine." She cried.

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