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He came back after what seemed like hours (even though it was literally 10 minutes) and put himself beside you. "Do you still want to?" He said looking at you. "Yeah.." You said kissing him gently. He stood up and got undressed then climbed on top of you. He kissed your chest gently and pointed himself at your entrance. "Are you ready?" He whispered seductively. You nodded and took a deep breath. He pushed into you slowly. You gasped loudly it wasn't like your first time..he was bigger..rougher even. He would thrust into you as hard as he could causing loud moans. "Am I hurting you?" He asked between breathes. "N-no..I can take it." You moaned a bit louder than you meant to. "Alright good." He thrusted into you harder moaning loud enough to where you were sure to be heard. But did you really care? You enjoyed it just as much as he did if not more. You both kept at it (about 10 minutes) until you heard him whimper "im about to cum.." You nodded since you were about to as well as you felt him grab your hips and release himself into you and soon after you came too. He layed on top of you and breathed heavily. It was the best night of your life.
K guys...I KNOW it ain't good. Don't be mean stuff has been super harsh and I'm trying to write. Family comes first tho. But I still love you guys. If you have story suggestions comment or message me.~airythne

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