im sorry

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You followed a very angry Thranduil down the hall into a private room. "So now you're preferring lowly elves against your king. And on my birthday?!" He said angrily at you. "I...I didn'" you were cut off "I WAS THERE WATCHING YOU DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU DIDN'T DANCE WITH HIM!" he was seriously yelling at you. "Where's the harm in it? He...he..was just being friendly..." You said half angry half hurt. "Oh is it that you'd rather have him invited you?! Not your king?!" He said pinning you against the wall "I was honored when you chose me." You said looking into his eyes. "You shouldn't tease your king like that..." Thranduil said whispering in your ear causing a shiver. "I want you.'' He said tracing one of his hands up your waist. You blushed. He raised you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist. He pressed his warm lips to yours and slid his tongue into your mouth. It worked wonders exploring every corner of your mouth. He carried you over to a large bed in the far corner of the room (something you didn't notice when you first came in) he played you down easily. He slid up the skirt of your dress and literally glared at your panties as he slid them off as well. He slid his tongue into your entrance moving it slowly but getting a bit faster each time. " Ohh...god....Th-Thranduil!" You moaned a bit loudly. Suddenly, the door opened to a guard "My king, you are nee-" he didn't finish before Thranduil turned around and glared at him. "Out. Now." He said angrily. The guard blushed and stuttered "I'm...I'm s-sorry...I didn't.." "If you aren't out in the next 3 seconds I'll have your head on my wall. With that he slammed the door and left. " I'm sorry. We'll have to finish this in a moment." He said reaching up and kissing your forehead. "But..Thranduil." You said sitting up and wrapping your arms around him. "Stay here. I will return shortly." He said kissing your neck and before he left whispered to you "Keep thinking of me." Then left.

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