why me?

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"I pulled Torrelon along and took him with me. We got carried away and we'll..saw some orcs and thought they were threats..." She said. "(Y/n) be excused to your chambers." Thranduil said lazily flicking his hand at a maid to show her to the room she would be staying in. She flopped on the bed giving much relief to her tired body. After a while she got up and began snooping around the room not even sure of what she was looking for. She eventually gave up and flopped back down as soon as a knock came at her door. She got up and walked over slinging the door open like mad, "what?" She said a little meaner than expected. Upon seeing it was one of Thranduils guards you stood up a little straighter, "oh..I'm sorry I di-" she said before being cut off by a deep, milky, sweet voice, "The king wishes to see you. I wouldn't..oh look at you....you aren't even cleaned up..or at least changed. Alright, be there within the next hour." He said a bit coldly for an elf. As he left you closed the door and went ahead to get a bath. Upon sliding into the warm water she gasped feeling a sharp pain. She looked at her arms wich were now covered in small cuts and bruises. After you bathed you were looking through your closet that had already had dresses in it. She picked a light blue one that was long sleeve and covered in small pearls. She walked nervously into the throne room straight into the middle of it waiting for him to possibly yell at her again. She heard giggling and praise when she looked up and saw Thranduil and 3 other elf maidens sitting with him around his throne. With his legs casually draped over the arm of his throne the 3 girls were laughing and actually fighting against each other just to feed him a grape or two..which you found completely idiotic. After waving his hand to shoo them away he moved his legs from the arm in front of him. "I told you and Torrelon not be down there, did I not?" He said after a long while. "It was hardly dangerous. There were only a few and-" again she was cut off. "But what if you'd have been hurt?! What if both of you ended up dead?" He said now walking down the steps of his throne. "We. We're. FINE!" She said now angered that he thought you two couldn't take care of yourselves. "Do NOT YELL AT ME!" He yelled back stopping on the last step yet not sounding the least bit angered. "Do you know what tomorrow is, (y/n)?" "Saturday?" She said trying to kill down her anger. "No. Tomorrow will be my 6,001st birthday. And I'm having a ball to celebrate." He said his face now inches from hers. "Alright." She said looking up at him. "Well, I wanted to ask you if you would accompany me to the ball." He said now giving her a warm smile. That surprised her and he could tell it. "Of course I will, my king." She said now trying to force a polite smile. "You may go now." He whispered into her ear making her shiver. "Alright. Bye." She said turning around walking back to her room when she remembered "Torrelon!" She said to herself as she almost ran to the room she saw a guard lead him into.

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