i found you

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I lied were switching to 'you' ~airythne

You stopped in front of the door "I hope he's OK.." You thought to yourself knocking on the door. Instead of Torrelon it was a red headed elf, "What do you want?" She said clearly annoyed. "Is Torrelon in there?" You said staring at the other elf. "Yeah. What of it?" The elf said rudely. Now you were angry again. "Out of my way!" You said pushing the other elf out of the doorway and closing the door behind you. Once you were inside you saw Torrelon. "Torri!" You said hugging him as he hugged you back. "You made her leave. I was talking to an actual girl. And you made her go away." He said looking a bit angry. "I..I didn't know.." You said looking hurt. "You know when you left yesterday I was the one who got yelled at who took the blame." He said looking in your eyes "Now hold on a minute. I got my fair share of yelling just a moment ago!" You lied. Luckily he couldn't tell you were lying. "Y...you did?" He said now his voice weaker. "I'm sorry." , "Its fine." You smiled. "It's late." Torrelon said looking out of his window seeing it was already dark. "Yeah..I better get to be. Bye Torri." You said leaving and walking back to your room

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