at the ball

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You woke up to harsh knocking at your door. You got up slowly. You answered the door to the same guard as before "The king has told me to bring you your dress that you will wear tonight. You will be to the ball by 8 tonight. He told me that he was going to come by to escort you." He said all while forcing a dress into your arms. You waited a few hours before getting ready. When you finally finished getting ready it was 7:30 you looked in your mirror and smiled. You mere wearing a long silver dress that had ruby's and pearls, your hair actually combed for the first time that week and braided. You felt (and looked!) Truly beautiful. Time passed but Thranduil never came. Half angry half relived you walked to the ball by yourself. You stopped at the entrance before walking down the staircase. You scanned the crowd trying to find someone you knew. You had no luck. You. Started feeling faint just as you felt yourself sinking to the floor two arms wrapped around your waist pulling you up. "Legolas." You said turning to see him. "Have you seen your father?" "No. But he's probably making another grand entrance. He prefers things his way." He said smiling to you. Then at the entrance a different elf guard said "Attention everyone. I present you..King Thranduil." Everyone applauded as Thranduil came down the stairs into the music filled ball room. Everyone began walking around and talking to each other as Thranduil came up to you. "I'm glad you came." He said as Legolas walked away . "How could I refuse?" You smiled back. "Would you like to dance?" He said taking your hand leading you away already. You and him danced for a while when he led you away and said "Stay here. I'll be back in a moment." He said rubbing your cheek and walking away. Another male elf came up to you "Hi. I'm Nym." He said smiling. "I'm (y/n,)" You said smiling. "Would you like to dance?" He said holding out his hand. "Alright." You said not thinking Thranduil would mind. You both only danced for a few minutes when Thranduil pulled you away from him. "Outside. Now." He said sounding angry.

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