Chapter 4

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I was lost.

The long corridors seemed endless as I searched for Xanders room. The walls covered in paintings gave the halls an eerie vibe. I grabbed onto the velvet cloth draping the walls admiring the smooth cloth.

After he left me in the hallway to go see his father I decided to give myself a tour. Which was probaly a bad idea, since the palace seemed to be endless.

"You seem lost." A woman said behind me making me jump.

"Yea a little." I chuckled awkwardly. The woman smiled eerily at me nodding in understanding.

I waited for her to say something like directions to the kitchen. Or even ask me where I wanted to go, but she just stared and smiled.

The woman was wearing tattered peasant clothing. I couldn't pinpoint what species she was but she reeked of magic. She definitely wasn't a vampire or dwarf.

I sensed this situation was going to turn sour so I took a step back wanting to put some distance between me and the older woman.

"Don't be scared honey I'll promise it'll be quick," she said but before I could process her words she said something in Latin and then lunged.

But it wasn't her who lunged. It was a black panther.

I blinked and grabbed the panther by its neck just as its teeth grazed my neck. I choked as the pain erupted and blood oozed from my neck. The panther mauled at my chest making me hiss in pain.

I lifted the animal up by its throat slamming it harshly into the ground. The wood on the floor cracked wood chips splattering. The panther whimpered beneath me.

I went to lift my free hand up to punch the animal but it disappeared from under my grasp.

"What the hell?" I muttered looking around until I heard a growl from behind me.

I turned my head slowly as I watched the panther approach me slowly almost teasingly. I went to get up but I tripped over my own feet and fell on my butt. So that just doesn't happen in movies?

I crawled backwards as fast as I could whimpering knowing I would soon die. I would die to some wierd magic panther thing.

Oh great!

I hit the end of the wall with a thud watching as the Panthers eyes lit up seeing I had no escape.

I closed my eyes accepting the death that would soon come.

"I love you Abella and Rafi."

I squeezed my eyes shut as I waited for the strike that was soon to come. As seconds went by I thought the panther was teasing me. I peeked an eye open looking around for the panther only to see the one and only.

Xander holding the peasant woman from earlier her neck twisted and dangling freely. Xander had broken the woman's necks and was now looking blood thirsty as ever.

I slowly rose to my feet using the wall as support. I approached Xander grabbing his arm trying to shake him out of his blood thirst but his eyes had turned a dark blue.

Blood thirst usually only occurred in higher ranking vamps but could happen to any vampire. Once we kill something we have an urge no a need to kill something else. Once we get a taste of kill we want the same rush.

It usually only happens in higher ranking vamps because they had a larger thirst than regular vampires. They required more blood so there powers could stay intact rather than the normal powerless vampire.

"Xanders she's dead, it's ok now"

Xanders dark blue eyes snapped to me than looked at the hand on his bicep. I removed my hand and put it in my pocket looking away nervously.

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