Chapter 7

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I woke up constricted unable to move.

Panic arose in my throat. What if it's another witch? I almost screamed before I heard a exhale from above my head.

I peaked up to see I was still wrapped in Xanders arms. I relaxed slightly. The memories of running into the bathroom flooded my mind. Xanders eyes were closed but I could tell he was awake.

He looked peaceful like this.The vampire who was thousands of years old looked boyish but wise. The vampire probaly stopped aging around 23 unlike most vamps.

Each member of the ruling family had powers that were confidential. It was told they stopped aging at 23 because it took longer for there powers to cultivate.

Nobody knew what the powers were except memebers of the ruling family. Not even spouses were allowed knowledge of there other half powers.

They were kept secret just in case an enemy found a way to get around or destroy it. History says the ruling family were only allowed to use these powers during times of war only when necessary.

Any witness of the powers were to be killed immediately.

A new curiousty to find out Xanders powers bubbled inside of me.

"Why do you have that look on your face?" Xander said making me jump.

"What look?" I questioned my voice thick with sleep.

"I haven't known you long enough to be positive, but it looks like curiousty?"

"Ask me." Xander told me.

"You'll kill me if I ask you." I said holding my head down in shame.

"I Xander Prince of Thads promise to never kill you." Xander said smirking sarcastically.

I twisted my body turning to lightly hit him in the chest.

"I'm being serious."

"Well I'm being serious too, I won't get mad I promise just ask me what has you so curious."

"Well." I said reluctantly "I was curious about what your powers are."

I looked at Xander waiting for him to strike me or yell at me but he didn't he just stared. His eyes lit up and a large smile took over his face.

"Let's get dressed, you've been asleep for four hours." Xander said ignoring my admission.

"So you're just gonna beg to know what I was curious about and then ignore me?"

"Yep, let's get dressed." Xander said standing up pulling me up with him.

"You piss me off you know that."

"Good." Xander said smiling bigger than I expected humanely possible.

We got dressed and showered. Xander finished before me and waited for me to finish getting dressed in the clothes he gave to me.

It was a dressy white button down shirt and a pair of tight black slacks. He gave me a pair of black leather loafers.

Xander eyed me probaly disproving of my wet hair dripping on the shirt.

"Let's go, I have places to be."

"I'm ready." I said running a hand through my wet hair.

Xander grabbed my hand and we teleported to an unfamiliar dining room. It looked similar to the one in Xanders palace but it was slightly different.

There were people already seated at the table. Everyone's attention brought to us when we teleported into the room. I recognized most of the faces from Xander palace the other day. Xanders dad the king sat next to the man at the head of the table.

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