Chapter 3

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I stabbed the rare steak watching the blood ooze out. After Xanders fiancé had kissed him he refused to make any sort of eye contact with me.

I don't know why I was so mad at him for having a fiancée. He is the Prince of Thad.

Any good prince has a beautiful woman standing by his side. So why was I plotting that woman's death in my head.

I drank the blood that was placed in front of me hoping it would help with the pain; it didn't. More guest had arrived since Xanders fiancé most of them memebers of the ruling family.

"Solcherio, I'd like you to meet your decedent Ares." The King said bringing everyone's attention towards me.

I shrunk under there eyes, a man with blonde hair that coincidentally matched my own shade stood out. He was a lot larger than me. He had moss green eyes that held a permanent twinkle of amusement. His small amount of stubble aged him slightly.

"Nice to meet you Ares." It was understandable he'd never met me before.

The ruling family to put it frank had many affairs. All there grandchildren and children couldn't all be accounted for.

"Nice to meet you Lord Solcherio." I said bowing my head slightly.
"You smell of a slave mark." He said frankly.

My lip twitched at that. Everyone knew I was a slave it made me feel weak. The slave mark had taken its final effect and imprinted itself onto my soul.


"He smells of a slave mark but he's a purebred." Xander interrupted.

Solcherio raised his eyebrows intrigued.

"I've never heard of a purebred sold in the slave trade."
Solcherio said turning his head to the side studying me and smiling "it seems almost to be a crime."

"It is a crime." I muttered.

My eyes widening when I felt Xanders warm hand squeeze my thigh under the table in warning.

My face turned a bright red. Xanders fiancé looked at him from across the table raising an eyebrow quizzically.

"Let him speak Xander." Solcherio said intrigued by me "what are your opinions on the slave trade and it being legal."

"Selling any creature is wrong." I said getting angry " I have opinions, I'm a person, I think, I eat, I breath, just like anyone else I'm not a piece of furniture to be brought."

"So you think it should be illegal?" Solcherio said placing a hand under his chin.

"Is that a question any creature with any sense of compassion would ask?" I said balling my fists under the table.

"Could you put this argument up towards the council if presented with the opportunity?"

"In a heart beat."

Solcherio hummed at that drumming his fingers on his chin lightly.

The dinner finished with little to no more interactions involving me. I was happy I a didn't have to talk anymore.

Slavery in Thad was an issue I hated deeply before I was even told I would be sold into the slave trade myself.

My father had brought a slave from the trade before. It was a dwarf who hadn't even hit an age of maturity yet. When the dwarf was to young to understand what my father wanted it to do. He beheaded the poor creature.

If the court of Thad ever decided to make slavery illegal I'd have an eternal respect for the ruling family.

"Ares." Xander snapped in my face.

I looked at him confused until I realized we were the only two left in the dining hall except for the servants cleaning.

"You destroyed my room, so we're both sleeping in the guest room."

My heart fluttered at the thought of sharing a room with Xander but settled into my stomach remembering his fiancé.

"There's only one guest room in this large palace Prince of Thad?" I asked sarcastically.

Xander looked at me confused until his face contorted into the prince who slapped me not the one who said I didn't have to bow to him.

"I don't trust you enough in a room by yourself."

A goofy grin took over myself.

"So you can't just assign a servant to watch me?"

"You ask to many questions Ares." Xander said ignoring me "if Solcherio wasn't a kind man you could've been killed, never question the laws of Thad."

"Don't I have some say, I am technically royalty."

"No your technically a slave, which means you do as I say."

Before I could react Xander started walking out of the dining room.

"Hey!" I said doing a short jog to catch up with him.

I followed him down the long hallway shivering at the large paintings that decorated the walls. There eyes seemed to follow me. They were all memebers of the council and royal family.

The Ruling family and the council all intertwined. The council were apart of the ruling family that made the laws and regulated behavior in Thad. They were basically the justice system.

The ruling family weren't exactly family. They were the first line of known vampires. They banded together to create the hierarchy they called the ruling family.

For example,Xanders mother an original apart of the first line of vampires had him with another original the King of Thad. So Xander was of purebred decent.

Then there were hybrids who were created by bites. An unlucky human were probaly the victim of an attack from a vampire, and the vampire probably spared them. Most vampires were hybrids but it was looked down upon.

Especially if the human was not consenting to the change. The change that happened to hybrids was painful and it was explained as a fire in your body that cripples you for days.

I bumped into something hard almost falling back before a large hand caught me by my back.

"Hey watch where your walking." Xander snapped.

His hand was still in the dip of my back and I blushed a fiery red waiting for him to remove it. He towered over looking down upon me with his ocean blue eyes. An emotion swimming deep inside the pools of blue.

His eyes flickered to my lips. He slowly moved his head lower taking his free hand rubbing his thumb against my cheek.

"Prince of Thad your father wishes to see you in his chambers." Butler interrupted from behind him.

Xander closed his eyes sighing deeply releasing me slowly so I could get my balance. He followed butler to his father's chambers and left me in the middle of the hallway speechless.

I brought my hand up to my cheek where it burned from the contact.

Did the Prince of Thad just try to kiss me.

Did I want the Prince of Thad to kiss me?

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