Chapter 9

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I didn't stay around long after Xanders fiancée showed up. He told me to go to the room we had been staying in and not make any detours. I did as I was told and took the opportunity to take a shower. I didn't want to anger Xander anymore than I had already but I needed clothes so I grabbed the pajamas I had worn the night before slipping them on.

I ran a hand through my thick wet blonde hair letting out a sigh I didn't know I was holding. Xander had confessed his feelings towards me, and to be honest I felt the same way.

I'd never felt like this towards someone before. The guilt I felt for slapping him overwhelmed me. What troubled me the most was he didn't hit me back. If he would've hit me back at least I could've gotten the punishment and tried to move past it. But he didn't punish me so I was worried.

The fact that Rafi was so attainable but at the same time he wasn't made my chest hurt. Rafi was a hot head with anger issues and Monstephus proved he wasn't opposed to brutal punishments.

Rafi wasn't handling this very well and I know he was probaly having frequent outburst, Monstephus wasn't understanding.

Rafi was having an episode and if his anger was left untreated he would eventually start to handle it his way. His way included hating himself into a deep depression. From my short time at seeing Rafi at Monstephus palace I could see the signs.

He did this once when I was 14 and apparently had been happening before I could remember.

"What're you doing up still." Xander said making me jump.

"Uh." I said awkwardly.

"Listen Ares, I was wrong maybe what I'm feeling for you isn't a crush maybe it's pity." He stared at me with a blank expression.

"You're a liar." I said. There was no way he would cry in front of me and admit feelings like that he was lying.

Xander shook his head at me a smile gracing his face but he placed a finger over his mouth.

"Don't call me a liar," he said angrily. His anger was quickly gone and replaced by a amused smile.

I was so confused he was truly having a mental breakdown. He looked at me expectantly.

"Wha-" Before I could finish Xander covered my mouth. He mouthed a sorry confusing me even more, but before I could even react he backhanded me.

I fell to the floor cursing as blood dripped from my mouth.

"Don't answer me with what." He said angrily. His eyes were sad though. 

I was so confused. Before I could even try to question him his room door opened.

"Xander, stop leave the poor kid to collect himself you broke the young boys heart." Xanders fiancée said.

"He doesn't understand his position." Xander said his eyes glowing with anger.

His sad eyes morphed as soon as she entered the room. The pieces slowly started to fit together in my head. She was listening he knew she was listening. He put on this show for her.

"C'mon maybe we can go to that new place at the edge of the west realm." She said sweetly.

He looked at her matching the tone of her sweetness. "I'd love too," he smiled.

If I had blinked I would have missed them faze out of the room. He didn't even utter a goodbye.

I muttered a whatever and got up. The cut on my lip had stopped bleeding. I went to the bathroom to look at the damage. There was dried blood on my chin. I took a rag and wet it dabbing it lightly to get the blood off.

I finished up in the bathroom going down stairs to where the kitchen was. I purposely avoided the dark halls still traumatized from the witches attack.

I walked in the kitchen to see Butler wiping down the long marble table.

"I'm sure you can cast a spell to do that Butler." I said sitting at the chairs that wrapped around the table.
He smiled still wiping down the table. "I'd be a very bored man if I'd cast spells every time I needed to do something."

"I guess," I said tapping my fingers on the table "so Butler how long have you been working here."

"Long before you were born." He said a twinkle in his eyes.

"Are you related to the ruling family?"

"My father was a peasant and my mother was the daughter of a sheep herder in the human world."

"Oh so you're a hybrid?"

"No actually I'm not." I couldn't see his face but k could hear the smile in his voice.

"You're a Dhampir?" I said shocked. They'd been outlawed since the beginning of time.

"I'm old." He said going over to the sink.

"So you were carried by a human woman?" I asked not understanding.

Vampires could have relations with humans but it was a one and a billion chance they'd actually ever conceive. When they did conceive it never ended well for the human or the vamp.

The vamp was shunned and the human mother always died. That's at least the stories I'd been told. The court of Thad outlawed it since they didn't understand why it happened.

"Yes I was." He said finishing up the dishes.

"That's so cool." I said in amazement.

He turned around and smiled at me drying his hands on at dish towel.

"Butler is one of the oldest Dhampirs in existence." The king said walking into the kitchen.

He looked a lot more casual than usual. He was wearing silk pajamas. Butler bowed a smile still etched on his face.

"Would you like something king."

"No I'm fine thank you butler." The king said smiling tentatively.

There was a lot of smiling going on right now and it was wierd.

"So Ares, the court will be discussing the ending of slavery," The King said take a seat at the table with me "you're still speaking as a witness, right?"

"I believe so unless," I stopped not finishing.

"Unless what?"the King edged on.

"Unless Xander says I can't, he's been shooting down ever thing I say lately and I know I'm just a slave but-"

"Don't worry about him, I'll deal with him." The king said reassuringly.

I smiled sadly at him.


"King of Thad I'm sorry to interrupt your night but the realm is under attack." A man of war interrupted gasping for breath. His eyes were wide and he almost looked scared. This was unheard of for a man of his position.

The King of Thad shot up from his seat his whole mood transforming.

"By who?" He asked.

"The witches."

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