Chapter 8

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Rafi wasn't ok

We were currently sitting at the dining table eating. Well I was glaring at Xander with a potent hate. He was acting as if I wasn't looking at him eating nonchalantly.

The twitch of his eye every so often gave away his discomfort.

Rafi was at the opposite end of the table. I couldn't bring myself to look over there without breaking out into tears.

After he burst into the dining hall and we realized each other were there we tried to get to one another. My feet moved on there own desperate to get to my brother I thought I'd lost forever. Xander pulled me back before I could even get close.

His arm was decorated with scratches from my attempt to escape his hold.

Monstephus grabbed Rafi by the hair which only fueled my anger.

I watched as Monstephus pull my brother to his knees. Monstephus called in for a servant to bring an man of war.

The men of war were what there name stated men of war. They were trained since toddler years to participate in wars. Some guarded the ruling family's palace, such as Monstephus.

Monstephus ordered for the man of war to deliver Rafi a lashing for disrespecting the ruling family.

I screamed and desperately tried to get out if Xanders arms but it was no use. The man of war obeyed Monstephus and gave him the lashes in front of the whole dinner party. No doubt in my mind Monstephus wanted to publicly humiliate Rafi.

The moans of pains and thick whips of leather through the air stung my ears. Rafi's blood stained the marble. The guest seemed to enjoy the show which just made me hold a large contempt for the ruling family.

Monstephus dragged Rafi who could barely walk to the chair to the left of his and continued the dinner.

Xander had dared me to interfere in what he called Monstephus buisness. That buisness me was my brother. Knowing Xander if I were to try to get to Rafi he would punish me.

I couldn't look towards my brother cause he sat bloodied and barely awake next to the biggest asshole I'd ever met.

So I sat here staring at Xander with hate.

"So." The king extended the word "this meeting what was it about Monstephanie."

Monstephus gripped the end of the table growling deep in his throat. I smirked at the King who shot me a discreet wink.

"Are the slaves running Thad?" Monstephus said through clenched teeth "never in my thousands of years have I seen such leniency towards disrespectful slaves."

"It's the 21st century Monstephus." Xanders dad said "things are changing"

"As someone who's been here for more than 21 centuries, I could care less about humans and there dumb ass progressive ideals."

"Well Monstephus," Xanders dad said " I guess Solcherio won't be expecting your vote at the upcoming trial."

"What is Solcherio planning?" Monstephus asked worried.

"To abolish slavery." Xander cut in.

My eyes softened slightly but hardened again. I looked at the faces around the table some people looked bored others looked appalled at the idea to abolish slavery. I glanced at Rafi regretting it immediately his head was in his hands and he was shaking terribly.

"It'll never happen." Monstephus snorted.

"Ok." Xander said going back to his dinner.

Monstephus shot him a confused glance quickly covering it with a sneer.

"The boy," a woman not to far from me said "he needs help, he's not healing."

All eyes at the table seemed to snap to the woman. She had long brown hair that moved in waves down her back. She was wearing a white dress that had a pattern of flowers.

"Febris." Monstephus said in a warning growl aimed at the woman.

Febris ignored Monstephus and our stares and got up from the chair her eyes solely locked on Rafi.

He was still shaking and she hovered behind him. I knew for a fact he didn't know she was behind him which made me stiffen. Xander grabbed my hand under the table gently. I didn't pull away but I also didn't acknowledge it.

"She's not gonna hurt him Ares." Xander whispered in my ear.

That didn't relax me. She placed her hands on top of Rafi's. He jerked slightly but didn't move and stayed in the position with his head in his hands.

Febris put her head down covering her face from my vision. A thick curtain of wavy brown locks blocked her emotions from view.

"Febris!' Monstephus demanded her attention but she didn't move.

Monstephus fumed silently in his seat but didn't make a move to stop her from touching Rafi.

Febris gasped then released Rafi's hands. I got a glimpse of her eyes. They were a silver color.

Febris had just used her powers on my brother. She was a healer. The room was silent as everyone watched Febris worried.

She'd just revealed her powers to a room of people where everyone wasn't a member of the ruling family.

"My back is fucking killing me." Rafi said breaking the silence.

"You were lashed." Febris said lightly ignoring his vulgarity.

"Febris, you have no idea what you've just done," Monstephus said shaking with anger "you just told a room of commoners-"

"Please Monstephus quiet," Febris said dismissing him "the only commoners in here are spouses, and honestly you think they don't know there significant others powers, and the slaves, I'm sure Xanders slave can keep a secret."

Monstephus raged in his seat his eyes shifted to the king looking for help. Xanders dad analyzed the situation with a lazy glance smiling sweetly at Febris.

"She's right." The king concluded "does anyone in this room plan on selling the royal family out any time soon?"

"Me." Rafi whispered.

My eyes widened. Rafi always had trouble shutting up. He could never handle stressful situations easily.

Monstephus growled at him but didn't attack him which had confused me.

"Don't mind the stupid boy." Monstephus said with a growl.

The kings eyes lingered on Rafi almost too long for comfort but carried on anyways giving Monstephus a nod.

"This has been really........interesting, but I'd like to get home." Xander interrupted.

Before anyone could argue we left Monstephus house and ended back in Xanders palace.

I moved away from him immediately. I couldn't even process what I was doing but I extended my arm and slapped Xander snapping his head to the side. I put my hand over my mouth scared of the burst of aggression I just used towards Xander.

He slowly moved his head towards me his blue eyes stormy. He ran his tounge over his teeth biting his lip.

"I'm sorry, it's just my brother-"

"Walk away," Xander said without emotion "walk away before I do something I regret."

"Xander honey I've been looking for you." I recognized the voice immediately.

The redhead looked between me and Xander giving us a confused stare. I noticed his fiancées fire red eyes matched her hair.

"Apate I'll be with you in a moment just let me handle the slave." Xander said coldly.

So much for liking me.

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