Chapter 5

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So I'd lost my family in the middle of a war nobody knew about. My life could be a great sitcom.

Xander had explained that the war had started over a piece of territory the ruling family decided to take back. Long before I was born there was a fight between the witches and vampires for some reason that was lost in history.

The witches settled the fight with a treaty where they kept a valuable piece of land. At the time the ruling family saw fit they should have it long as they caused no trouble.

That changed a couple months of ago when vampires started going missing. The ruling family blamed the witches and took back the land. Thousands of witches were evacuated and forced to find shelter in other realms.

They for good reasons were mad. They made these mini attacks constantly. Xander and the rest of the ruling family decided against telling the people that we were at war.

The ruling family didn't think it was something they should be worried about. They had this mindset that they were untouchable. A scratching sensation told me they would soon find out they were in fact touchable.

We were currently in the replacement room getting ready for bed.

"What're your interests?" Xander asked randomly taking me out of my thoughts.

"I dunno, being slapped by you." I said smirking at his face which had dropped and his right eye twitched.

Xander was standing by the closet which had been stocked by a servant recently with garments for him and me. I was laying in the bed flipping through the book I found in the nightstand.

"I'm being serious." Xander said sighing.

"Why do you care."

"I'm don't want your time here spent in boredom."

"My time here?" I questioned confused.

Last time I checked I was immortal and so was Xander. I was also branded as a slave so I'd pretty much be sentenced here for eternity.

"Solcherio is planning to make slavery illegal." Xander said slowly "he wants to be perceived by the public better, less animosity towards the ruling family."

It made sense most of the population were slaves and peasants they'd be looked at as saviours.

I stared at Xander trying to let his words sink in. There's a possibility that I could see Abella and Rafi again. My heart thumped heavy in my chest.

"His own blood a slave, he's moving forward with the plans quicker than before that's what my dad called me in a meeting for, Solcherios set a court date two months from the day slavery will most likely be abolished, you'll be free."

I closed my eyes biting my bottom lip hard. I could see my siblings again. They could be in any realm but I'd search everywhere until I found them.

I felt a warm hand rub my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Xander standing above me wiping my tears. I hadn't even realized I was crying. Then I realized something.

"What about the people who spent thousands on slaves aren't they gonna be pissed?" I said feeling defeated.

"He's got a task force set up, ready to go if anyone doesn't comply."

"What if that doesn't work."

"Solcherio is head of the task force."

"A member of the ruling family head of a task force?" I said letting the idea marinate. It was unheard of for the ruling family to do any work themselves. This must've been important to Solcherio.

People would be too scared to disobey especially if it was Solcherio a light hearted man but was known to be ruthless. He showed the realms he was a ruthless man during the war of the wolves.

Needless to say the war of the wolves was one for the history books. Greatly due to Solcherios savage approach.

"What do they say about me?" Xander said taking his hand from my face. He went back to the closet sifting through the clothes.

"Your people?" I questioned to make sure he nodded and I continued "Xander Prince of Thads."

I thought about what I'd heard from my parents about the ruling family. I couldn't trust there opinion on Xander. Rafi talked little of the ruling family but he'd relay to me what his friends would say.

"You're spoiled, you haven't had children to carry out the kings blood," Xander scoffed but his eyes said that he was actually hurt "they pity you."

I said the last part quietly hopping Xander would dismiss it.

"Why do they pity me." He said offended.

"Your mother."


Xanders eyes flickered so fast I couldn't catch the emotion.

He turned his head towards the closet and unbuttoned his shirt. The muscles in his back flexed as he shrugged the shirt off. He grabbed a silk night shirt buttoning it up.

Am I checking out the prince of Thad? This was so disrespectful. I looked away blushing furiously at the fact I had disrespected the royalty. Why I suddenly decided to respect him was beyond me.

I felt a shift in the mattress of the bed indicating Xander had gotten in. He turned the light off the switch conveniently on the side of the bed.

"Good night." I said awkwardly practically on the edge of the bed.

"Safe dreams." Xander said.

I closed my eyes desperately wanting to sleep but the situation was far from comfortable.

"Your heart is racing." Xander dead panned.

"I couldn't tell." I said sarcastically.

"Do I make your heart race" Xander questioned mockingly.

I couldn't answer because within seconds Xander was straddling my waist pining my hands above my head.

"What- what..are you" I stuttered out.

I've never been in this position before with a guy straddling my waist. I didn't even know if I liked guys. Xander was hovering above me which made the situation oddly sexual.

I started struggling out of his grip. It was impossible he was stronger than me so it was no use.

Xanders eyes hovered over my lips his eyes snapped back to mine a deep blue storming.

"Have you?" Xander said lowering his nose near my neck "have you ever liked someone so much the moment you saw them your stomach did wierd shit, you ever liked someone so much you wouldn't question destroying the world for them if they asked, and it scares you so much you lash out at them and hurt them in attempts to get rid of your liking for them but you only hate yourself for it."

Before I could respond he rubbed his nose along my neck kissing me gently. I gasped at the action.

Xanders lips finally found mine but before his lips touched mines he hovered over them fighting an internal battle.

"Kiss me." I said taking the step boldly the fear of rejection burning bright.

Xander closed his eyes sighing slightly before smirking.

His lips almost touched mine before he stopped mid way.

"You're too young purebred."

He said that then took his position back to as it previously was on the side of the bed acting as though none of that happened.

It made me question myself.

Did that really just happen?

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