Captain Save-A-H**

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The next thing I know my dad is on top of me, and his hands are around my neck. I couldn't breathe for shit and he was just yelling "being a dyke is perversion, and perversion is punishable by death". I scratched at his hands but he wouldn't let go. All I see is little white dots and the next thing I know I blacked out.

I woke up on a stretcher, police everywhere, my dad was in hand cuffs and Ariel was leaning over me with blood all over her, then I blacked out again.

I woke up again feeling the prick of a needle in my arm, a white haired nurse smiled at me and said I had visitors in the waiting room and would I like to see them. I nodded, and she proceeded out of the room.

I was so damn lost did my dad literally just try to kill me because I am a lesbian. Lost in my own thoughts, Ron, and Ron's right hand man Jordan walks in. I already knew none of my family would show up my dad scared them all away with his craziness, they wanted nothing to do with him or his children (I have 3 half-brothers and 1 half-sister but they are with my stepmom, when she left my dad she took her children with her, she said she be damned if her children be corrupted by him, but the fucked up part is she, basically said fuck me after taking care of me for over 10 years and left me too.)

"Damn bruh, I knew I should've killed that nigga when I had the chance, man how you feeling, you look like shit" Ron said with hatred and regret dripping off of each syllable

Well thank you for that obvious observation ma'am, sir, I feel how I look so shitty it is.

"Aye you gone chill tryna call me a man low key, just cuz I think with my strap don't mean I actually got a dick"

Could've fooled me, but anyways whats good Jordan, thanks for coming is through and hopefully you keeping this bitch outta trouble for me.

""girrrrrrrrrlllll......yes I'm doing my best to, you know I'm the one that kept her from killing him right."" Jordan said smacking his lips afterwards

Hold up so how y'all both got to the scene so quick

"Don't tell her" Ron pleaded

""don't tell her my ass, she aint stupid, you see I was chilling at tha crib with Amron, my new boo and this bitch come busting in talking about "Man you gotta come help me, Travis is gone try some shit with Trey today I just know it and I gotta be there to help her." So my dumb ass hop in the car with her and we speed back to your place and sure enough, we look through the window and he had you pinned to the ground, and this captain save a hoe, not saying she shouldn't have, went busting through your window like Spiderman or some shit talking about "let my girl go fool" and your daddy was all like "who the fuck are you" and Ron was like "I'm your worst nightmare motherfucker" girl..... When I tell you Ron was on some Kung Fu Fighting shit'"

I was dying laughing at the way Jordan was explaining everything cuz this nigga was hard down doing all the little impressions and head and hand movements like nigga..... But I still don't like his loud ass.....

"Aye Jordan bruh pipe down, as a matter of a fact shouldn't you be getting back home to your "boo"" Ron said with air quotations marks

""well damn nigga get rid of me already, rude ass, I gotta drop for you to do when you leave here, just stop by and get it, nah better yet go by Lily's place, my boo probably wants this D and you gone interrupt us."" Jordan said sticking his tongue out.

BYE JORDAN, Ron and I both said in unison as he walked outta the door.

"So.... Ummm..... since your dad is locked up again. Are you gonna move in with me or are your just gonna chill at your house and if so I can help with the bills." Ron said shoving her hands in her pocket and leaning against the wall.

Don't even start with the questions, let me get up outta here first..... This damn bed is so damn uncomfortable, hell go ask that nurse when they letting me go otherwise I need some room service and I want some hot wings, fries, and a large cup of any kind of liquor you can find with hella ice pronto.

"Lmfao that's a shame but she said you can leave whenever I already asked her and I guess we can go out to eat but as far as the liquor part, nah you cant have nun ya lil alcoholic." Ron laughed as she shook her head and passed me my clothes from a duffle bag she had. "Go get dressed...... so we can go on this date, I whispered.... HEY TREY IMA GO FIND THE CAR AND PULL UP FRONT SO JUST MEET ME DOWN THERE OK"

Alright nigga.....


I was just chilling at home and my side chick Lily texted me Ron was in the hospital. So I texted her back

How I just seen her last night? How do you even know? What happened???

Jordan came dropped off a package and said she's gonna pick it up after she gets out of the hospital..... Oh never mind Jordan said she's there with some chick not actually there

What's this chicks name???

Ugh let me ask him...... He said her name is Trey Songz or something idk

Shit.....BAE!!! Man I just heard Trey got into an accident or something so I gotta make it up to the hospital okay baby I promise to be home right after

"Ok babe but make sure you call me and tell me whats going on cuz I know shes important to your platoon. And I'll call Senior Charles and let him know for you and her" Said Ari.

I hurried and ran out of the house before she could even think about joining me

-Dedicated to ArielBanks8

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