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With the biggest smile on my face...

Like kissing a new born baby...

He gave me the greatest gift.

In so many words

Now I know.

Thank you.

For all my suffering, and wondering, he has chosen to leave me flying.

Instead of broken.

Thank you.

I am healed.

I have what I need now.

Why he did it, I don't know.

Maybe because he loves me :) ...

and this takes me back to when I was young and picking petals from a flowers vine.

I know, but I want to take it slow.

I will have him one day, to be mine.

I will cradle him like a new born, hold him safe and tight to my chest.

No harm will touch him.

With me he will be forever safe

and his heart I will cherish.

I'm glad he left me flying, because I was tired of crying.

That gift is worth more then anything he could ever buy me.

Knowing that he feels the same...and he chose to leave me flying, instead of broken.

For that, I owe him.

For that I am grateful, that's all I ever wanted from him.

I'm flying, and from here on out, nothing can change this feeling.

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