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His lips were soft and slightly chapped, unprepared. Our mouths moved together, staying firmly shut at first, before he began to grow more confident, his tongue pressed against my lips. My mouth opened hesitantly, deepening the kiss.

My heart pounded in my ears and my stomach churned with excited butterflies.

When we finally parted we were both panting. Kyle's eyes were still closed, his lips pulled up slightly in a surprised smile. I stared, taking in his high cheek bones and chin, his arched eyebrows and wrinkled forehead. His eyes opened slowly, a magnificent blue with little green flecks and a dark outer ring.

"What was that for?" He asked breathlessly.

"I don't know." I said, honestly.

"Does this mean you like me? Because I like you."He announced, shocking me.

"You like me?" I asked him quietly, blushing. Again.

"Well, yeah, I have for awhile now. But do you like me back?"He looked worried.

"I don't know, I think I do."I lowered my gaze to the concrete beneath us.

"What do you mean you think you do? You either do or you don't."He said, slightly frustrated.

"Fine, I like you. Now, you either take it or leave it." I said, getting defensive because of his frustration.

"Why are you getting upset?"

"I don't know!" I yelled at him.

I turned around and stormed back into the hotel. Adam was nowhere to be seen in the ballroom, and neither were the men with him, sadly including Ryan. The blood had been cleaned off the marble floor too.

I spotted Zamon with a different group of men, and walked down the stairs towards him.

The men abruptly stopped talking when I neared the group causing Zamon to look towards me and raise his eyebrows.

"Can I have my car keys?" I asked, holding my hand out expectantly.

He placed them in my hands, and I turned and started making my way up the stairs.

"Wait Rebecca. Where are you going? You're not aloud to leave."I heard Zamon shout after me.

I was halfway up the stairs when I turned back to face him.

"Why Zamon?, why aren't I allowed to leave?. What are you going to do if I do leave? Make me torture another person? Or maybe kill someone? Are you going to take my car?, lock me in my room? Ban me from seeing my friends? What are you going to do this time Zamon?" I screamed at him.

Everyone stared as I screamed at him, his face dropping until he stood emotionless.

"Nothing."He said, monotonously. I blinked, shocked.

"Nothing?"I asked him suspiciously.

"Nothing. I don't give a fuck what you do." He said, shrugging his shoulders.

My stomach dropped at his tone. He was done with me, annoyed with me. I watched him for a couple seconds, then tilted my head.

"Fair enough." I said harshly, then ran up the rest of the stairs.

I walked out the hotel doors and towards my Lamborghini. Kyle's wasn't there, so I figured he'd gone back to the hotel.

I started the engine and drove, following the gps. I wanted to apologize to Kyle for my attitude, so I hoped he was up in his room.

I parked in front of the valet, and handed the man the car keys. I waited in the elevated then passed my room to Kyle's and knocked, but there was no answer.

So I went back down the hall. I paused with the key card in my hand. The door was slightly ajar, and I could see the lights on. I instantly regretted dropping my gun in the ballroom.

I slowly pushed the door open, and winced as I heard it creak. I walked in, slowly checked every room until all that was left was the bedroom. I pushed the door open and saw the intruder sitting on the bed.

"Kyle, what the hell?" I said, placing my hand over my racing heart.

He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Im sorry. I wanted to talk to you, and you weren't here so I just decided to wait."

I sat next to him on the bed, and looked over at him. He was avoiding eye contact, staring straight at the wall in front of us.

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked him quietly.

"About tonight. Look, I have liked you for awhile now, and I know we don't K ow each other that well, but I love spending time with you. So, I know its sudden, but will you be girlfriend? I understand if you dont want to be, it's totally-"

"Okay." I cut him off.

"-Cool, I mean we hardly know each other but that's why people date, right? To get to know each other, so..." He kept talking as if I hadn't said anything.

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards me, our lips meeting. Startled, he didn't respond at first, then he started kissing me back.

I pulled back reluctantly, and Kyle frowned in disappointment.

"Okay." I repeated again.

He immediately smiled and pulled me back to him, leaning his forehead against mine as his arms wrapped around my waist.

I gave him a pat on the thigh and abruptly stood up out of the embrace and walked over to the wardrobe, stepping out of my heels on the way.

"You can leave now." I said. I knew I sounded rude, but I was tired and reeling from the nights events.

"What, why?" He asked, standing up. I turned around and smiled at him.

"Im tired, and I just want to get in my pajamas and wallow in sadness."

He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows at me. "I don't mind watching you change." He said confidently.

I shrugged my shoulders. Time to see how long he lasts.

I slowly, and seductively, reached behind and pulled the zipper of the dress down, and tried not to laugh as his eyes widened. I continued to slowly pull the dress down past my breasts, careful not to pull my strapless bra down in the process. His eyes paused there and he shuddered lightly.

I furrowed my brows until I realized why he shuddered. I caughed into my fist to catch his attention, and also to hide my smirk. When he finally looked up I pointed down, and followed his gaze as they landed on his pants, where a very noticeable buldge was pushing against his pants.He looked back up and blushed a deep red.

"I'm, ah, just gonna go now."He said awkwardly, and was gone before I could say anything.

I chuckled and rubbed my red warm cheeks, surprised at my confidence. I quickly slid the dress off the rest of the way, then slipped on some pj's and climbed into bed.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face, not even worrying about the future, and looking back, I wish I had been.

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