Wes imagine for Sammy

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"Wes, stop." You whined.

"No, c'mon I wanna teach you how to skate."

"Maybe I don't wanna learn."

"Well you're going to."

You sighed and allowed your boyfriend Wesley to pull you up from your comfy spot on the sofa.

"I swear to god if you kill me I'll sue." You pointed a finger at him.

"How are you gonna sue if you're dead?" He smirked. "Duh."

You smiled..

"Okay so, this is a 180 spin." He demonstrated. "You try." He set down his old board in front you you.

"Dude. I can't even ride it. How do you expect me to do tricks?"

"Right.. K, gimme your hands." You placed your hands in his. "Good, now step on the board." Using his hands as balance, you eased yourself onto the wood with wheels.

"See, it's not that hard, Sammy."

"I guess not." You whispered.

You gripped his hands tighter at he slowly started walking.

"You're doing good, babe. Lets speed it up a little?"

"Okay?" You said unsure.

He started jogging a bit and before you know it, he let go and you were skating on your own. He hopped on his board and was riding along side you before you started going towards the bush.

"Wesley!" You screamed as your board hit the curb and you fell.

"Sammy! Are you okay babe?" He rushed over to you, caressing your head.

"I'm fine. Can we go in now?"

He chuckled. "Yes, we can go in now." He stood up, reaching out his hand to help you up.

With a quick peck on the lips you walked back inside, plopped down on the sofa and spent the rest of the day watching movies and cuddling.

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