Drew Imagine for Layla

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It's a Saturday afternoon and you're sitting bored in your room. You decide to put your headphones in and walk down the street to get some ice cream.

You know Emblem3 is in town but you couldn't get tickets to go.

You enter the ice cream shop and order a vanilla and chocolate twist. You decide to take your frozen dairy dessert outside and sit at a table in the warm summer air.

But no sooner do you walk out the door, someone comes barreling into you. You fall and your ice cream goes all over your shirt.

"Watch where you're going asshole." You say, looking down at the disaster your shirt has become.

"I am so sorry. I was being chased and trying to get away, I didn't see you there, I.." He trails off. You know that voice from somewhere.

You look up and it's none other than Drew Chadwick himself.

"Oh here." he says, holding out his hand. You take it and he pulls you up.


"I really am sorry. Here, let's go inside I'll help you get it off and buy you a new one. It's the least I can do for nearly running you over." You nod and go to open the door, accidentally hitting yourself in the face on the way in.

He giggles and says, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine." You really don't mean to be but you're a bit snappy.

"I'm Drew, by the way."

"Layla." you pause for a minute. "I know who you are."

He laughs. "Well that makes me feel slightly better."

"Heyy" you say in a joking tone and push him a little bit.

You stand beside and table and he goes and gets some napkins, runs into the bathroom and comes back out with wet paper towels. He starts wiping you shirt and you can feel the blood rushing to your cheeks.

You grab a napkin and start helping. You manage to get it mostly off but there's still a noticeable stain.

Drew walks up to the counter and looks back at you. "What flavor?"

"You don't have to buy me a new one."

He gives you a stern look. "What flavor do you want babe?"

You sigh. "Chocolate and vanilla twist."

"Two small twists please." you hear him say to the clerk.

You decide to sit down at a table. Drew comes back with your ice creams and sits across from you.

"So, Layla, you live around here?"

"Uh, yeah.. I live up the street, actually."

"Oh, that's cool." you nod awkwardly. He clears his throat. "Are you coming to the show tonight?"

You shake your head. "Nah, I couldn't get a ticket."

"Well hey, I can get you a ticket." he smiles at you.

"Really?" you look at him excitedly. "You'd do that for me?"

"I'd do it for anyone."

There's an awkward silence until he breaks it and says "Hey, come take a walk with me."

"O- ok.."

You stand up and take his hand. He leads the way to the door and opens it for you, making sure you don't hit yourself again.

On your walk you go up and down your street, talking about nothing and everything with Drew. You spend so long walking hand and hand with him, he's almost late for the show. You two run down the street to the venue.

He takes you with him around back and tells security to let you in without any question.

"I had a lot of fun with you today, Layla."

"And I with you, Drew."

He smiles and leans down and kisses you.

He lets go of your hands and begins to go into the bus. Security leads you to the doors of the venue and you head in.

The rest of the evening is filled with fun and excitement and lots of cute, funny, and sexual looks from Drew.

He said he'd catch up with you after the show.. You can only imagine what that could mean.


It's a little long but I hope you like it! :)

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